150 Girl Names That Start With A (More Meanings) | I love to know (2023)

150 Girl Names That Start With A (More Meanings) | I love to know (1)

"A" is the first letter of the English alphabet and the first letter some parents think of when naming their daughters. If you waited and were drawn to the letter "A," you're in luck. There are many cute girl names that start with "A". From the unusual and unique to the beautiful and traditional, the options for baby names beginning with "A" are endless.

Short and cute girl names that begin with A

Monosyllabic names for girls.and other short letter names are fashionable nicknames for many parents. Adorable options often sound more like nicknames and are easy to pronounce and spell. They also cover a wide range of naming preferences, including commonly heard names andweird baby names.

  • Ada - (German/Hebrew) means "nobility"
  • Adi - (Hebrew) means "jewel"
  • Adva - (Hebrew) means "little wave"
  • Agape (ah-gah-pay) – (Greek) means “love”
  • Ai (I) - (chino) means "love"
  • Aili - (Finnish, Sami and Estonian) means "blessed"
  • Aki - (Japanese) means "clear"
  • AJ - Nickname for a first name beginning with the letter "A" and a middle or last name beginning with the letter "J".
  • Alex - (Greek) means "defense man"
  • Ambre (ahm-bray) – (French) means "petrified tree sap"
  • Ami - (French) means "friend"
  • Andi – (English) means "masculine"
  • Ann/Anne - (Latin) means "grace"
  • Arlie – (Old English) means "forest of eagles"
  • Asa - (Hebrew) means "Healer"
  • Esche - Baumname
  • Ashley – (Old English) means "clear of ash"
  • Astra - (Greek) means "star"
  • Aude (OD) - (French) means "old"
  • Aura - (Latin) means "breeze"
  • Ave (ah-vay) - (Latin) means "hail"
  • Axelle - (French) means "My father is peace"
  • Aya - (Arabic) means "beautiful"
  • Ayn (Ine) - (Finnish) means "grace"
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Cute Long Girl Names Starting With A

If you love the look and sound of long names, these beautiful polysyllabic options might work for you. Think about what nicknames could be derived from a long girl's name beginning with "A" and choose one that has possible nicknames you like as well.

150 Girl Names That Start With A (More Meanings) | I love to know (2)
  • Abilene - (Hebrew) means "prado"
  • Adaline/Adalyn/Adalynne - (English) means "noble"
  • Addison – (Old English) means "son of Adam"
  • Adorinda - (Spanish) means "adoration"
  • Aferdita - (Albanian) means "to dawn"
  • Agnessa - (Greek) means "chaste"
  • Aisling - (Irish) means "Dream"
  • Aitana - (Spanish) name of a Spanish mountain
  • Action (uhk-seen-yuh) - (Greek) means "hospitality"
  • Alastrione - (Celtic) means "defender of man"
  • Alethea – (English) means "Truth"
  • Almira - (Spanish) means "famous nobleman"
  • Amberly: (American) combination of the names "Amber" and "Kimberly" to mean "jewel/jewel meadow."
  • Ambrosine - (Greek) means "immortal"
  • Anastasia - (Greek) means "resurrection"
  • Annemieke (ah-nuh-mee-kuh) - origin and meaning unknown
  • Antoinette/Antonette – (Roman or Greek) means “priceless” or “flower”
  • Apollonia – (Greek) means "strength", feminine form of Apollo
  • Arabella - (Latin) means "surrender to prayer"
  • Araceli – (Spanish) means "ski altar"
  • Atsuko - (Japanese) means "sincere child"
  • Aureole - (Latin-English) means "radiant halo"
  • Aurelia - (Latin) means "golden"
  • Aveline - (Norman-French) means "desirable"
  • Azalea - (English) flower name
  • Azzurra - (Italian) means "blue sky"
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Biblical girl names beginning with A.

While men are often the focus of the Bible, there are several great name options for girls that also begin with "A" in the Bible.Biblical names for babiesoften includebaby name in hebrewoptions andold-fashioned sounding names.

  • Abiah (uh-by-uh) - (Hebrew) means "my father is lord"
  • Abisag (ah-buh-shag) - (Hebrew) means "ignorance of the father"
  • Abital (ah-bih-tahl) – (Hebrew) meaning “my father is the dew of the night”
  • Agrippa - (Greek) means "wild horse"
  • Ahinoam (ah-hee-name) - (Hebrew) means "my brother is good"
  • Apphia - (Greek) means "productive, growing"
  • Asenath - (Hebrew) means "belongs to your father"
  • Atarah - (Hebrew) means "corona"
  • Azubah - (Hebrew) means "abandoned"

Mythological girl names that begin with A

Some of the more unusual girls' names beginning with the letter "A" are inspired by myths and legends from around the world. InNorwegian baby namesforgreek baby names, you will find mythological names for your little goddess in almost every culture.

  • Acantha - (Greek) means "thorn"
  • Aditi - (Hindi) means "unlimited freedom"
  • Aglaia - (Greek) means "beauty"
  • Agrona - (Celtic) means "beauty"
  • Alcyone – (Greek) means “fisherman of the sea”
  • Alecto - (Greek) means "unceasing"
  • Amalthea - (Greek) means "smooth"
  • Amaterasu - (Far Eastern) means "shine in the sky"
  • Ameretat - (Persian) means "immortality"
  • Andraste - (Celtic) means "invincible"
  • Andromeda - (Greek) means "attentive to man"
  • Angerona - (Roman) means "contrite torment"
  • Antigone - (Greek) means "compared to offspring"
  • Aoide (ay-ee-dee) - (Greek) means "song"
  • Arachne - (Greek) means "spider"
  • Artemis - (Greek) means "safe"
  • Asherah – (Semitic) means “who walks on the sea”

Unique girl names beginning with A

unique girl namesIt can be inspired by fantasy, nature or simple words with great meaning. Check out the lists of least popular names in your favorite countries for unique options to consider.

150 Girl Names That Start With A (More Meanings) | I love to know (3)
  • Aaren: Unisex (Hebrew) name meaning "high mountain" or "light bearer."
  • Acacia – (Greek) name of the thorny tree, meaning "thorn."
  • Adamina - (Hebrew) means "of the earth"
  • Adena - (Hebrew) means "tender"
  • Afanen – (Welsh) means "raspberry"
  • Africa - name of a continent
  • Ainslie - (Old English/Scottish) means "lonely glade"
  • Allegra - (Italian) means "alegre"
  • Aloisia - (German) means "famous fighter"
  • Alora - (Latin) means "my beautiful dream"
  • Alte - (Hebrew) means "old"
  • Alvilda - (Old Norse) means "Battle of the Elves".
  • Amarante - (Japanese) means "indelible"
  • Amethyst- Name of a gem
  • Amity – (English) means "friendship"
  • Andrina – (American) means "masculine"
  • Anemone - (Greek) means "wind"
  • Anima - (Sanskrit) means "little"
  • Anise - (English) name of an herb
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Female Celebrity Names Starting With A

Turn your daughter into a fangirl with a memorable celebrity name. These protagonists have made a name for themselves and your baby can do the same with a name to match.

150 Girl Names That Start With A (More Meanings) | I love to know (4)
  • Adele - Meaning "noble", name of the famous pop singer
  • Alexa – Means "Defender", name of actress Alexa PenaVega
  • Alexis – Means "defender", name of American actress Alexis Bledel
  • Alyssa - Means "noble and gentle", name of actress Alyssa Milano
  • Amber: name of a precious stone. Actress named Amber Heard
  • America - name of the country. Actor's name America Ferrera
  • Analeigh – Means "purity of grace", model name Analeigh Tipton
  • Angelina - Means "angel", name of actress Angelina Jolie
  • Anita - Means "grace", name of singer Anita Baker
  • AnnaLynne - meaning "grace/lake", name of model/actress AnnaLynne McCord
  • AnnaSophia - Means "mercy/wisdom", name of actress AnnaSophia Robb
  • Aretha - Means "virtue", name of singer Aretha Franklin
  • Ariel – Meaning "Lion of God", name of actress Ariel Winter and Disney character Ariel fromThe little Mermaid
  • Audrey - Means "noble strength", name of actress Audrey Hepburn
  • Avril - Means "April" or "open to", named after singer Avril Lavigne.

Girl names starting with A from around the world

If you want something more unusual andexotic baby name, consider using one of the most popular tips from another country. Check out lists of popular and popular baby names beginning with the letter "A" from around the world.

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Popular North and South American A-Names

These cute girl names are commonly searched for by parents in America. They are a popular choice for parents looking for a beautiful girl name that begins with "A".

  • Abby - (Bahamas) meaning "My father is joy"
  • Abigail - (US) meaning "my father is joy"
  • Adriana/Adrianna – (Puerto Rico/Jamaica) bedeutet „von Hadria“
  • Agustina - (Chile) means "sublime"
  • Ainhoa ​​​​- (Puerto Rico) means "one of the fertile lands"
  • Aitana - (Mexico) means "foreigner"
  • Alejandra - (Venezuela) means "defender of humanity"
  • Alice - (Canada) means "noble species"
  • Aliyah – (Canada) means “exalted”
  • Alondra – (Puerto Rico) means "lark"
  • Amaia - (Puerto Rico) means "night rain"
  • Amanda - (Puerto Rico) means "adorable"
  • Amelia - (US) means "to work"
  • Andrea - (Brazilian) means "male"
  • Anna - (Canada) means "grace"
  • Annerys - (Venezuela) meaning unknown
  • Antonella - (Brazilian) means "Firstborn"
  • Aria - (Canada) means "song or melody"
  • Ava - (US) means "to breathe"
  • Avery - (US) meaning "elven power"

Popular A names for girls from Europe

Popular names in the top 100 lists across Europe offer a good mix of modern and traditional baby names from different countries.

  • Aada - (Finnish) means "noble"
  • Alma - (Sweden/Spain) means "nourish"
  • Alva - (Sweden) means "shine"
  • Agnes - (Sweden) means "lamb"
  • Aibhe (AL-va) - (Ireland) means "olive"
  • Aikaterini - (Greek) means "pure"
  • Alexie - (Finnish) means "defender of man"
  • Alyssia - (Austria) means "noble"
  • Amalie (UK) means "work"
  • Anabell - (Finnish) means "elegant and beautiful"
  • Angeliki - (Greek) means "angelic"
  • Aoife (ee-fuh) – (Irish) means "beauty"
  • Astrid - (Sweden) means "divinely beautiful"
  • Ayla – (UK) means “shine of light”
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Popular African and Asian A names

Finding baby name lists for African and Asian countries is not as easy as it is for other countries. MoneyCommon Japanese baby names., China, South Africa and other countries in these continents for more choices.

150 Girl Names That Start With A (More Meanings) | I love to know (5)
  • Ahmale – (South African) means "beautiful girls"
  • An - (Japanese) means "peace"
  • Ah-lin - (South Korean) means "solid"
  • Akosua - (Gana) means "without Sunday"
  • Annika - (South African) means "grace"
  • Aoi - (Japanese) means "Holyhock"

Girls names from above in alphabet.

Girl names that begin with the letter "A" often sound cute and feminine. If you love the beginning of the alphabet, these "A" names are great for girls' first and middle names. Whether you want unusual and unique options, or traditional and beautiful, there is sure to be the perfect "A" name for you.

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