191 Unique Baby Names and Meanings for 2023! (2023)

Unique female names are all the rage these days. That's why we've put together an unprecedented list of unique female names and meanings for parents-to-be.

Your baby's name is entirely your choice and will stay with him for the rest of his life. Studies have shown that the meaning of a name influences the formation of a child's character.

191 Unique Baby Names and Meanings for 2023! (1)

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20 symptoms after sex

There are so many things to consider when thinking of the best name for your baby. Some names are associated with specific movie or cartoon characters and can be intimidating.

You can learn a lot about certain gems, properties, and other things that go with the name you choose. Love Portmanteau, a combination of the parents' names, is also trending. However, they rarely make sense and meaning.

Find unique girl names and meanings in our exhaustive list here! 😍

1) Abigail (Hebrew) Meaning: Father rejoices

2) Ada (English) Meaning: property, generosity, nobility

3) Adara (Hebrew) Meaning: Beautiful pure noble

4) Adina (Hebrew) Meaning: Incredibly beautiful

5) Aida (Latin) Meaning: useful, rich

6) Alaina (Irish) Meaning: Beautiful, attractive

7) Alanis (German) Meaning: Beautiful, Cheerful, Precious

8) Alfrida (English) Meaning: Wise Counselor

9) Alice (English) Meaning: truly, noble

10) Alwine (German) Meaning: Little elf friend

11) Alyse (English) Meaning: true and noble type

12) Amanda (English) Meaning: lovely, kind, lovely

13) Amara (Latin) Meaning: Elegant and attractive

14) Amari (Latin) Meaning: Immortal, Strength

15) Amia (French) Meaning: beloved, beloved

16) Amity (Latin) Meaning: friendly, friendship

17) Anabella (Irish) Meaning: Graciously beautiful

18) Aoife (Irish) Meaning: beauty, splendor

19) Arabella (Latin) Bella means: subtly beautiful

20) Ariel (Spanish) Meaning: Lion of God

More Unique Girl Names Around the World

21) Astrid (Norse) meaning: goddess of beauty

22) Aubree (French) Meaning: Supernatural, power

23) Aurelia (Latin) Meaning: Golden, Precious

24) Ava (Latin) which means: birds, living beings

25) Bai (Chinese) Meaning: White, pure,

26) Bambi (Italian) Meaning: Little boy, girl

27) Bella (Latin) Meaning: Beautiful, beautiful

28) Bonita (Spanish) Meaning: Little pretty

29) Bonnie (Scottish) Meaning: Attractive

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30) Breena (Irish) Meaning: related to fairy tales

31) Brielle (French) Meaning: God is my strength

32) Cailin (Irish) meaning: girl

33) Cairi (Japanese) Meaning: sincere, loyal

34) Calista (Greek) Meaning: The most beautiful, the one who is the most beautiful

35) Candace (Greek) Meaning: The purest of the pure, bright

36) Carla (English) meaning: peasant, small, feminine

37) Carrie (Latin) Meaning: Beloved

38) Caryl (English) Meaning: Happy melody, song of joy

39) Cassidy (Irish) Meaning: Intelligent

40) Cathi (Latin) Meaning: Pure, holy

Baby names: Latin, Greek and English

41) Charlotte (English) Meaning: Strong

42) Chole (Greek) Meaning: young green shoot in bloom

43) Claire (Latin) Meaning: bright, feminine

44) Claribel (English) Meaning: Brilliant and beautiful

45) Clementine (Latin) Meaning: Merciful

46) Colette (Latin) Meaning: Victorious, victory of the people

47) Cyndi (Greek) meaning: moon, goddess

48) Daanya (Arabic) Meaning: Beautiful girl, alive, gift of God

49) Dafina (Kenya) Meaning: Worthy

50) Daisy (English) Meaning: A kind of flower

51) Dakota (Siouan) Meaning: friend

52) Daniela (Hebrew) Meaning: God is my judge

53) Dawn (English) Meaning: sunrise or dawn

54) Delaney (Irish) Meaning: Dark Challenger

55) Delight (English) Meaning: Happiness, someone who brings joy

56) Diana (Indo-European) Meaning: Divine, goddess of the moon

57) Donatella (Latin) Meaning: Nice gift

58) Eleta (Latin) Meaning: One, chosen

59) Ellen (Grego) Meaning: Beautiful Lady

60) Elspeth (Scottish) Meaning: God is my oath

Baby names with beautiful meanings

61) Emma (German) Meaning: Qhole, universal

62) Esperanza (Spanish) Meaning: Hope

63) Evelyn (English) Meaning: Relative of Eve, the first woman

64) Evie (Hebrew) Meaning: Life

65) Fable (English) Meaning: Enchanted tale, story

66) Florence (Latin) Meaning: flourish, prosper, prosper

67) Gardenia (English) Meaning: The flower, flower, flower

68) Gemma (Italian) Meaning: gem, gem, precious stone

69) Genevieve (French) Meaning: Wave of white color

70) Grace (Latin) Meaning: grace, goodness and generosity of God

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71) Graciela (Latin) Meaning: Grace of God

72) Guleen (Arabic) Meaning: The one with a beautiful smile.

73) Hadleigh (English) Meaning: Heather field

74) Hana (Hebrew) meaning: (Japanese) flower or blossom, hope, happiness

75) Harmony (English) Meaning: Unity

76) Harper (English) Meaning: The one who plays the harp

77) Hazel (English) Meaning: name of a tree, commander

78) Heather (English) Meaning: Perennial flowering plant

79) Heidi (American) Meaning: Nobility

80) Helen (Greek) Meaning: Most beautiful woman

81) Hilary (Latin) Meaning: cheerful, jovial, happy

82) Honey (English) Meaning: sweet, sweetness

83) Ife (Egyptian) Meaning: love, love qide, kind

84) Ivanna (Russian) Meaning: Gift of God

85) Ivy (English) Meaning: Fidelity, an evergreen shrub

86) Izzy (Spanish) Meaning: Related to Elizabeth

87) Jade (Spanish) Meaning: Precious stone, jewel

88) Jaina (Hebrew) Meaning: Gift of God, Victory

89) Jane (English) Meaning: God is merciful

90) Janie (English) Meaning: Well born, God is merciful, noble

Names of girls of different origins.

91) Janine (Hebrew) Meaning: Gift of God

92) Jaylah (Sanskrit) Meaning: Victory

93) Jemma (Italian) Meaning: Jewel

94) Jeneen (English) Meaning: Full of high inspirations, benevolent, white wave

95) Jessa (English) Meaning: God enlightens, God makes, God beholds and enriches

96) Jillian (English) Meaning: Son of God

97) Jolie (French) Meaning: Pretty

98) Josephine (English) (French) Meaning: Give more

99) Joyce (English) Meaning: Sparkling, jovial, jovial

100) Jurnee (English) Meaning: Adventurer, leader

101) Kaipo (Hawaii) which means: loved, dear

102) Kara (Italian) Meaning: Dear friend, beloved

103) Kayla (Greek) Meaning: Keeper of the keys, pure of heart, honest

104) Kylie (English) Meaning: Beautiful Spirit in Hawaiian

105) Income (Latin) Meaning: Cheerful

106) Lagina (Latin) Meaning: Queen, ruler

107) Lara (Russian) Meaning: Cheerful

108) Lara (English) Meaning: Famous, Cheerful, Happy

109) Leila (Persian) Meaning: Black Beauty

110) Lily (Greek) Meaning: Innocence, delicate flower, purity, shyness

111) Linda (Spanish) Meaning: Pretty

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112) Liz (Hebrew) Meaning: Talented, intelligent

113) London (British) Meaning: save the fat

114) Lucinda (Spanish) Meaning: Light

115) Luna (Latin) Meaning: goddess of the moon

116) Luna (Italian) Meaning: Moon

117) Mabel (English) (Latin) Meaning: Lovely

118) Mable (Latin) Meaning: beautiful, affectionate, kind

119) Mackenzie (Scottish) Meaning: Born of fire, handsome, fair

120) Maeve (Latin), (Irish) Meaning: Cause of great joy, Goddess, The Intoxicant

Unique names for girls with beautiful meanings

121) Maeve (Irish) Meaning: The one who intoxicates

122) Maire (Irish) Meaning: version of Mary

123) Matilda (English) Meaning: Powerful

124) Meara (Irish) meaning: sea

125) Mia (Latin) Meaning: My

126) Micah (Hebrew) Meaning: Who is like God?

127) Millie (German) meaning: determination

128) Molly (Hebrew) Meaning: rebel

129) Monserrat (Catalan) Meaning: Cut Mountain

130) Nadine (French) Meaning: effort, hope, desire

131) Nancey (English) Meaning: favor, gracious, gracious

132) Nedra (English) Meaning: Under the earth, rich guardian

133) Nereida (Spanish) Meaning: Goddess, Mermaid, Deity

134) Nevaeh American meaning: Heaven written backwards

135) Nia (Swahili) Meaning: purpose

136) Nicolette (Greek) Meaning: victory of the people

137) Oaklynn (American) Meaning: Strong beauty

138) Odelia (French) Meaning: wealthy, wealthy, prosperous

139) Olivia (Latin) Meaning: Related to the olive tree, army of goblins

140) Orva (French) Meaning: value in gold, expensive

141) Paige (Latin) Meaning: Young Helper

142) Dove (Latin) Meaning: Dove of the Holy Spirit, symbol of peace, beautiful, beautiful

143) Pamela (English) Meaning: Honey, all sweet

144) Payton (Irish) Meaning: Noble

145) Peach (Latin) and Ancient (French) Meaning: Exceptionally attractive person

146) Phoebe (Greek) Meaning: Bright sun

147) Pipere (Inglês) Meaning: flutist, flutist

148) Poppy (English) Meaning: name of a flower

149) Presley (English) Meaning: Priest's Meadow

150) Quiana (French) Meaning: Live with heavenly grace. Soft, silky, smoothly flowing.

More girl names with beautiful meanings

151) Quinn (Irish) Meaning: Intelligence

152) Robin (English) Meaning: Resplendent, resplendent glory

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153) Romina (Arabic) Meaning: Land of Christians

154) Rosa (Latin) Meaning: Fragrant flower, the most delicate and delicious flowers that ever grew in enchanted gardens

155) Ruby (Latin) Meaning: A jewel

156) Sally (English) Meaning: princess, tycoon, executive

157) Samantha (Aramaic), (Greek) meaning: listener, flower

158) Sarah (Hebrew) Meaning: noble lady, princess

159) Sabana (Spanish) Meaning: Plain

160) Scarlett (English) Meaning: bright and vivid red

161) Shayna (Yiddish) Meaning: Beautiful

162) Shea (Irish) Meaning: Happy, fairy place

163) Shirley (English) Meaning: light wood, bright meadow

164) Simon (Hebrew) Meaning: Hearer who hears

165) Sophia (Greek) Meaning: Holy wisdom, ability

166) Spring (English) Meaning: Spring, bursting

167) Sue (Latin) Meaning: Spiritually intense, Lily

168) Summer (English) Meaning: summer season, bright and cheerful

169) Sunny (English) Meaning: Bright, cheerful, sunny

170) Suzzy (Hebrew) Meaning: Graceful Lilly

171) Tait (English) Meaning: Cheerful, pleasant, radiant

172) Talia (Hebrew) Meaning: Dew of God

173) Tatum (English) Meaning: Bringer of joy, carefree

174) Aunt (Latin) Meaning: goddess, divine, luck

175) Trinity (Latin) meaning: Three in one (holy)

176) Úrsula (Latin) Meaning: little bear

177) Valencia (Latin) Meaning: Healthy, brave, strong

178) Venus (English) Meaning: Goddess of beauty and love

179) Life (French) Meaning: victory and life

180) Violet (Latin) meaning: purple (live flowers that bloom in late winter and early spring)

181) Violet (English) Meaning: A flower

182) Viveca (Latin) Meaning: sanctuary, alive, full of life

183) Willow (English) Meaning: Spirit of grace, free, freedom

184) Xana Meaning: Astruian Deity

185) Xenia (Greek) Meaning: guest, welcome, hospitality

186) Ximena Portuguese meaning: listener, wife of Simão

187) Yarina (Greek) Meaning: lover of peace

188) Yulia Russo Meaning: young, young

189) Zaylee Australian Meaning: Heavenly Woman

190) Zipporah (Hebrew), (French), (Greek) Meaning: The beautiful wife of Moses

191) Zoe (Grego) Meaning: Eve

191 Unique Baby Names and Meanings for 2023! (2)

Unique Baby Names and Meanings

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191 Unique Baby Names and Meanings for 2023! (3)
191 Unique Baby Names and Meanings for 2023! (4)

Baby names with beautiful meanings

abigailhebrewfather is happy
adaEnglishDecency, generosity, nobility
Marchhebrewbeautiful pure nobility
AdinaIsraelstunningly beautiful
aidalatinuseful, rich
alenairishbeautiful, attractive
alanisGermanbeautiful, happy, precious
AlfredoEnglishwise counselor
AliciaEnglishtruly noble
alwineGermanlittle elf friend
AliciaEnglishhonest and noble way
amandaEnglishadorable, adorable, adorable
Amaralatinelegant and attractive
amarilatinimmortal strength
AmiaFrenchloved, loved
Amistadlatinfriendly, friendship
Annabelleirishmercifully beautiful
Aoifeirishbeauty, shine
ResponderlatinBella means subtle beauty
arielEspañolLion of God
astridAltnordicgoddess of beauty
dawnFrenchsupernatural powers
Aureliolatingolden precious
Avalatinbirds, alive
BaiChinopure white,
bambiItalianchild, young
BellalatinBeautiful, beautiful
BonitaEspañolcute boy
breenairishFairy tale
BrielleFrenchGod is my strength
A girlirishchica
KairiJapanesesincere, faithful
KalistaGreekThe most beautiful, the one who is the most beautiful.
CandaceGreekThe purest of the pure, brilliant
carlaEnglishPeasant, small, female
karylEnglishHappy melody, song of joy
Kathylatinpure, holy
coleGreekYoung blooming green sprout
clairelatinhell woman
ClaribelBritishbright and beautiful
ColettelatinVictorious, victory of the people
CyndiGreekGod damn it
DaanyaArabicaBeautiful girl, alive, gift from God
margaritaEnglisha kind of flower
DanielahebrewGod is my judge
twilightEnglishdawn or dawn
Delaneyirishdark challenger
HappinessEnglishHappiness, someone who brings joy.
DianaindoeuropeanDivine, goddess of the moon
donatellalatinCute gift
Visitlatinsingle, chosen
elenaGreekpretty Woman
ElspethScottishGod is my oath
emmaGermanQhole, universoll
esperanzaEspañolHave hope
EvelynEnglishRelative of Eva, the first wife
FableEnglishenchanted tales, history
florencelatinprosperous, prosperous, prosperous
gardeniaEnglishA flower, flower, flower
budItalianEdelstein, Juwel, Edelstein
GinebraFrenchwhite color wave
gracialatinThe grace, goodness and generosity of God
gracelatinThank God
GülenArabicasomeone with a beautiful smile
HadleighEnglishheather field
Hannahebrew, japaneseFlower or flower, hope, happiness
harmonyNorth Americanunit
of the harpEnglishwho plays the harp
hazelnutEnglishName of a tree, Commander
mixedEnglishperennial flower plant
heidiNorth Americanadel
helenaGreekmost beautiful woman
funnylatinHappy happy happy
HonigEnglishsweet love
SeEgyptianlove what kind love
ivanarussiana gift from god
heraEnglishFidelity, an evergreen shrub
izzyEspañolRelated to Elizabeth
JadeEspañolprecious stone, jewel
jainahebrewGod's gift, victory.
janeEnglishgod be merciful
JanieEnglishWell born, God is merciful, noble
janinehebrewGift from God
jaylahSanskritI'm looking for
JeneenEnglishFull of high inspirations, benevolent white wave
JessaEnglishGod illuminates, God makes, God sees and prospers
josefinaenglish francegive raise
JoyceEnglishBright, happy, happy
JurneeEnglishadventurer, leader
AsHawaibeloved, dear
KaraItaliandear friend, beloved
KaylaGreekKeeper of the keys, pure of heart, honest
KylieAustralianbeautiful spirit in hawaiian
Al finallatinqueen, sovereign
laraEnglishfamous, happy, happy
leilalostdark beauty
lilyGreekInnocence, delicate flower, purity, shyness.
lizhebrewtalented, intelligent
LondonBritishgame or fat
LunalatinGod damn it
mabelenglish latinadorable
mabellatinBeautiful, loving, adorable
MackenzieScottishBorn of fire, handsome, fair
maevelatin, irishCause of great joy, goddess, you who intoxicates
maeveirishshe who intoxicates
Maireirishmary version
Missing in actionlatinMi
micahhebrewwho is like god
monserratecatalanannoying mountain
NadinaFrenchlonging, hope, longing
fagotEnglishfavor, gracious, gracious
LowerEnglishUnderground, rich keeper
nereidEspañolGoddess, mermaid, deity
NevaehNorth Americanheaven spelled backwards
nicoletteGreekthe victory of the people
OaklynNorth Americanstrong beauty
adelaFrenchRich, rich, rich
olivialatinRelated to Oliveira, Elven Army
OrwaFrenchworth its weight in gold, dear
paigelatinyoung helper
PalomalatinDove of the holy spirit, symbol of peace, beautiful, pretty
pamelaEnglishBaby everything is sweet
peachLatin and Old Frenchexceptionally attractive person
FebGreekbright sun
PfefferEnglishsilbador, silbador
medical officerEnglishname of a flower
Because?FrenchLive gracefully, heavenly. Soft, silky, smoothly flowing.
RobinEnglishshining shining glory
RomanianArabicaChristian country
rosaslatinFragrant flower, the most delicate and delicious flowers that ever grew in enchanted gardens
scrublatina jewel
fallaEnglishPrincess, tycoon, executive
samanthaAramaic, Greeklistener flower
Sarahebrewnoble lady, princess
SheetEspañolflat earth
scarlet feverEnglishbright and vibrant red
she toirishhappy fairy place
shirleyEnglishLight wood, bright meadow
simonhebrewThe listener who hears
SofiaGreekholy wisdom, skill
PrimaveraEnglishspring time to go out
ProcesslatinSpirituell intensivo, Lily
summerEnglishSummer season, bright and cheerful.
SunnyEnglishBright, cheerful, sunny
suzzyhebrewgraceful lily
colaEnglishcheerful, pleasant, bright
TaliahebrewTau Gottes
tattooEnglishBringer of joy, carefree
auntlatinGoddess, Divine, Luck
TrinidadlatinThree in one (sacred)
ValencialatinHealthy, Brave, Strong
VenusOld EnglishGoddess of beauty and love.
LifeFrenchvictory and life
LeavelatinPurple (live flowers that bloom in late winter and early spring)
LeaveEnglishA flower
vivecalatinSanctuary, alive, full of life
foodEnglishGraceful, free spirit, freedom.
Is thatan Austriandivinity
XeniaGreekguest, welcoming, hospitality
ximenaPortugueseSimon's Hearing Woman
JarinaGreekpeace lover
juliarussianyoung young
ZayleAustralianheavenly woman
SephoraHebrew, French, Greekthe beautiful wife of moses

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