+495 names and surnames in English »» SUPER ORIGINAL!! (2023)

+495 names and surnames in English »» SUPER ORIGINAL!! (1)

When you have a boy or a girl, one of the great dilemmas of parents is thatNamethat they will take

If this is your case, don't worry, it's normal not to know what name to give your child, maybe you won't even consider it an option.

+495 names and surnames in English »» SUPER ORIGINAL!! (2)

Some parents look for original ideas, for example using a language like English (British and American), and some even postpone this decision until birth to see what name suits their face.

In this article, I prepared a compilationEnglish names and surnames of women and men, some unusual or rare, some old, but all beautiful.

In addition, I also made a list of surnames in English, I've always liked that language and you might be interested in taking a look.

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  • 1 Why use English first and last name for our baby?
  • 2 female names in english
  • 3 english names for men
  • 4 English and American surnames
  • 5 rare names in English
  • 6 most common English names
    • 6.1 Most common female names in English
    • 6.2 The most common male names
  • 7 funny names in English
  • 8 beautiful english names

Why use an English first and last name for our baby?

As we know that choosing a name for a baby is not easy (especially considering that it must match the surnames), we have prepared a small list with important tips that will help you make a decision.

First, stop and think about this: when the baby is born, in addition to all the gifts and toys and clothes,The first thing you are given is your own name.that will accompany you in all your way.

  • Choose names that have special meaning and research their origins. For example, there are many English names that have a great history and are often related to English surnames that are also interesting.
  • Think of the resonance that exists between first name and last name. A good strategy is to create a first and last name combination based on the extension. For example, if your and your partner's last names are short, you can bet on a long name or vice versa.
  • There are many resources that can help us find special names. In recent years there has been a growing tendency to bet on English names, although they do not always go well with surnames. You can search in name books, on websites, in catalogs or on specialized forums. You can also get advice online about first and last names and thus decide on something special.
  • We often choose a name for a friend or relative who is very important to us. But if they also share the same last name (like a cousin's last name) then this can cause some confusion. To avoid them, we'd have to end up using nicknames, and it's a shame we went so far with names to end up like this. Avoid choosing one that already has a relative: this will not happen with names in English, as it is rare for another relative to have one.
  • You should always choose names that are easy to pronounce. A complicated name will be difficult to learn not only for us, but also for the baby, especially when the surnames are unpronounceable (like some other names and surnames in English). If you don't want to regret it in the future, choose a name that is easy to pronounce; If the last name is already complicated, let's not complicate it further.
  • Say the first and last name out loud several times. There are certain combinations of names and surnames that sound good to us when written, but the opposite when pronounced aloud. The first and last name must be pronounced to know how it will sound. We already know that the last name cannot be changed, but we can still do something with the first name. Some English names are difficult to pronounce, so we shouldn't choose them.
  • Temporary names are a good option: we're talking about a name that won't go out of style (like many English names). A timeless first and last name combination will make the difference and make it easier for others to remember that name. You should also avoid choosing a first and last name that are generally too childish. Remember that the name will always carry you.
  • An old-fashioned name (in both Spanish and English) should be discarded. Modern names and surnames are popular. A current name is easier to remember, regardless of the last name. Beware of old-fashioned English names; One of these names might sound like a lot of fun, but it's very classic.

Follow these guys to pick oneNamein relation tosurnamesand you can have the combinationnames and surnamesperfect

On the other hand, as I have said in other articles, I believe that there is no better way to start life than with originality, so that your personality is unique and interesting.

Here parents can do their part and give their girl or boy an English name that is as interesting as a Spanish one but stands out from the rest.

This Germanic language comes from the Indo-European language family.. Its popularity grew in the United Kingdom, particularly in England, when the Saxons and Angles began their invasions. Also, you probably don't know that many English nicknames are closely related to Greek and Latin.

That said, let's seea listEnglish names and surnames for men and women in this Anglo-Saxon language.

female names in english

+495 names and surnames in English »» SUPER ORIGINAL!! (3)

Let's start with them. If you're having a girl and you don't know why to choose, I'll leave you onelist of female names in english, a whole female repertoire that you will love.

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  • aaliyah
  • Monastery
  • abbie
  • abigail
  • But
  • Adam
  • Adelaide
  • adela
  • adelina
  • Adriana
  • Agatha
  • Agnes
  • Aisha
  • salida
  • Only
  • Aljoscha
  • Alex
  • alejandra
  • Alexia
  • Alice
  • a line
  • alisha
  • Alison
  • amanda
  • Bernstein
  • Amy
  • And me
  • angelina
  • angie
  • he
  • Annabelle
  • Good
  • April
  • arlene
  • ashley
  • audrey
  • Barbarian
  • Beatriz
  • Bernadette
  • Berta
  • fill up
  • Betty
  • beverly
  • wheat beer
  • brenda
  • ponte
  • Britney
  • Brooklyn
  • Candice
  • carlie
  • Caroline
  • Casey
  • Catarina
  • chantal
  • charlotte
  • chelsea
  • Caro
  • Chloé
  • cristal
  • cristina
  • Cindy
  • Clarissa
  • give him
  • debby
  • diana
  • Isabel
  • Emmi
  • Pussy
  • Gabriela
  • Sturm
  • Genesis
  • Georgia
  • Gracia
  • Griselda
  • haley
  • Good
  • wilder
  • jacklyn
  • jaida
  • jane
  • jaqueline
  • Jennifer
  • German
  • Jinny
  • Juana
  • Judith
  • Kaley
  • Potassium
  • The boys
  • Kelly
  • Kourtney
  • leila
  • Lesia
  • lily
  • Lina
  • lindsey
  • lisa
  • lizzy
  • Lucilla
  • lucia
  • macey
  • madison
  • Maddy
  • Madalena
  • Maggie
  • Rand
  • Mariah
  • mariano
  • Maria
  • marlene
  • mega
  • megan
  • Marilyn
  • michelle
  • miley
  • mina
  • Minerva
  • miriam
  • mollie
  • nadia
  • Let's go
  • nancy
  • Natalia
  • natasha
  • nelly
  • Ness
  • Nicolau
  • nina
  • noelle
  • nora
  • Oliva
  • cashmere
  • pam
  • empanada
  • Penny
  • Feb
  • priscilla
  • Raquel
  • Rebeca
  • riley
  • rosas
  • your rose
  • Romero
  • Rowena
  • Roxane
  • samantha
  • sammy
  • Sheet
  • scarlet fever
  • Selma
  • Shana
  • sharon
  • Sharyl
  • Shayla
  • Shelia
  • sonia
  • sophia
  • Stacey
  • to wake up
  • Stephanie
  • Tammi
  • red
  • tailor
  • Tracie
  • vicky
  • Lila
  • viviana
  • Wendy
  • Whitney
  • Wilma
  • Winter
  • Wynona
  • Jasmine
  • Ivone
  • zoe

english names for men

When your child becomes a boy, he needs ideas in male language. Below you have original suggestions withenglish names for men.

  • Aaron
  • Abel
  • Abraham
  • As
  • Adam
  • Alan
  • Alberto
  • Alejandro
  • Alfredo
  • allen
  • contralto
  • ambrosio
  • anderson
  • andreas
  • andy
  • angus
  • antonio
  • arlie
  • Arnie
  • arnold
  • arturo
  • Ashton
  • austin
  • barney
  • bart
  • Bartholomew
  • ben
  • Benjamin
  • benny
  • bernardo
  • By invoice
  • Brant's
  • braxton
  • Brian
  • bach
  • bruce
  • he takes
  • cameron
  • Carlos
  • carlton
  • Charlie
  • cristiano
  • Cristobal
  • Clarence
  • Clear
  • claudio
  • clemens
  • cleveland
  • clive
  • curtis
  • damon
  • dannie
  • Danni
  • dean
  • dewan
  • Right
  • dixon
  • Donald
  • Dylan
  • giro
  • Elton
  • Erich
  • Ernst
  • Evan
  • Wald
  • Francisco
  • franco
  • Freddy
  • Federico
  • gabe
  • gabriel
  • gordon
  • gus
  • torment
  • Homer
  • Horace
  • Howard
  • Humphrey
  • isador
  • jacob
  • jaden
  • jake
  • jeff
  • jeffrey
  • jeremy
  • jerome
  • Jessy
  • Jim
  • jo
  • John
  • John
  • Johnny
  • Joseph
  • Julius
  • Kiefer
  • church
  • kobi
  • Kurtis
  • to throw
  • Larry
  • Leeward
  • Leighton
  • leonardo
  • Leroy
  • leslie
  • liam
  • Loyd
  • Pike
  • Lucas
  • marcos
  • marshal
  • Martin
  • Amigo
  • mateo
  • Merton
  • miguel
  • Milo
  • Mitchell
  • moe
  • montgomery
  • Monty
  • morgan
  • Ned
  • neil
  • nelson
  • Nicolau
  • user
  • osvaldo
  • otto
  • perforated
  • TT
  • Phil
  • cross
  • ralf
  • Randall
  • roberto
  • roger
  • Ron
  • Roy
  • Rupert
  • Sean
  • Seymour
  • Schaquille
  • Sheldon
  • sydney
  • Steve
  • Stuart
  • Silvestre
  • ted
  • Terence
  • Tomás
  • Travis
  • Trevor
  • tylor
  • Welle
  • vicente
  • Walter
  • Wilfredo
  • willing
  • Guillermo
  • wilson
  • Zac
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English and American surnames

In the end I thought you might like itLearn about English surnames. Perhaps later I will be encouraged to write a full article (in which case I'll leave it here).

  • abrahams
  • Abramson
  • Adamson
  • Ainsworth
  • Albertson
  • Aniston
  • battle
  • Beckett
  • beckham
  • negro
  • bramson
  • braun
  • roads
  • Burrell
  • busch
  • clinton
  • cruz
  • To cook
  • Helmsman
  • Cranston
  • drilling rigs
  • Disney
  • donaldson
  • Evanson
  • fair
  • flamenco
  • resource
  • graves
  • Greif
  • Hager
  • Hamil
  • Hamilton
  • Harrelson
  • Hawk
  • Hawkins
  • Henderson
  • Howland
  • jackson
  • Jennings
  • jobs
  • Johnson
  • jones
  • Kane
  • Kellogg
  • Kendall
  • Lennon
  • Mathews
  • mayonnaise
  • Michaelsson
  • Müller
  • Morrison
  • O'Sullivan
  • pemberton
  • Perri
  • Scheran
  • Simpson
  • herrero
  • pitcher
  • tailor
  • Walsch
  • Washington
  • Williams
  • Willis
  • wilson

rare english names

+495 names and surnames in English »» SUPER ORIGINAL!! (4)

speech about thestrange english namesIt's worth mentioning a few that were successful, but perhaps not as widespread as others we'll see. It is not common to find many people with this type of name, but it is true that they are there, they are sought after and, if they want, they can be given as gifts to future babies. Both English names for girls and boys are in the selection below, would you choose one of them?

  • America: A person who, upon awakening, is sure of himself in everything he does.
  • ansel: In this case it is called a person who always thinks twice before acting.
  • azriel: He is known as "God's helper". As a good partner, he is always available.
  • BaruchAlthough slightly different, it has a Hebrew origin and is translated as blessed.
  • beautiful white: He will be a very vain person because that's what his name symbolizes.
  • euan: It's not the most common, but it has its attraction for being Ewan's.
  • cormac: It's a word that also means crow.
  • Elias: Again we find ourselves before a name that represents God.
  • elf: Comes from an Archbishop of Canterbury, "of greatness".
  • toasted wine: Name that comes from Gaelic.

bomstrange names for girlsThey are also in high demand and not in vain as we have the most original ideas to copy:

  • on the contrary: Said by the person who tends to have something special that makes him or her more wonderful.
  • gato: It is true that each time it is more familiar to us than the previous ones, but it is not just a cat, it also symbolizes cunning in English.
  • chastity: a very determined woman with quick decisions.
  • Ethelwelt: Noble man. This name goes back to the XNUMXth century thanks to a bishop. Century.
  • Judgment: It can be translated as true love and is perfect for your little one.
  • Jacinto: Said to be a person with style and very elegant.
  • image: Someone who indulges in the beauty of nature.
  • Then: For those who like to travel.
  • sala: A very sensitive person.

most common english names

Among all girl names in English orenglish boy names, we must make a selection of the most common ones. They are all those that pass from generation to generation, who don't want to be left out and instead of looking classic, are the most desired. That's why there are many people with a similar name, because traditions prevail. Some of them come from some ancestors who were crucial in the history of this country. Do you know all these common English names?

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Most common English female names

  • lily: lily or lily. It is the abbreviation of Liliana.
  • Emily: person who has great values ​​in life.
  • ava: can be translated as "the one who gives life"
  • missing in action: The chosen or beloved of God.
  • Isabela: As to its meaning, it is one who loves God
  • Gracia: In your translation you can mention that it is accepted.
  • she: Brightness or light is what a name like that tells us.
  • charlotte: Knowing that it translates as warrior, it is a very common name.
  • Alice: The purest sincerity
  • Feb: Although this name is also understood as the brightest.

Most common male names

  • torment: It has become very elegant to say that its meaning is between power and house or home.
  • oliver: It is one of the most used and symbolizes the man who seeks peace.
  • jacob: Undoubtedly one of the most common to face the meaning of man or child full of grace.
  • Charlie: In this case it symbolizes the free man and has a Germanic origin.
  • jacob: Therefore, the person whom God has protected also has a religious background.
  • Tomás: There are female versions and we also adapted it into Spanish which means twin brother.
  • franco: It could not be missing because we also know its other version which is none other than Francisco.
  • jorge: One who works the land is the meaning of such a name.
  • Gary: The Spear is the meaning of that other very common name that sounds familiar to all of us.

funny english names

+495 names and surnames in English »» SUPER ORIGINAL!! (5)

we all know thatenglish humorIt is considered very special. But we don't say that, but it can also be displayed in the form of funny English names for boys or girls. In all of them, touches of subtle irony, or not so much, seem to be very present. Do you want to know what fun combinations we can think of?

  • friendless baxter: It's a fully real name, with your last name. Published by one of the specialist companies in genealogical studies. Friendless Baxter is a name for life.
  • faith hope mercy: Faith, Hope and Charity is another trio of aces to name a girl.
  • tempo: The time of day or time is also included in a proper name.
  • Leicester rail coverage: Apparently he was born in a wagon and hence his name.
  • windsor palacee: It wasn't a building, it was a person whose father's name was William and mother's name was Castle.
  • Zebra Lynes:Zebra lines have the originality of having become a proper name. Originality to power!
  • Mineral water:Mineral water was also used to infuse a person from the 18th century onwards. to name a century.

beautiful english names

The truth is that we found several for boys and girls.cute english namesit thrilled us. An original and very sonorous way of calling our family. Therefore, if you want to have a selection of the most beautiful ones, you cannot avoid the following:

  • keira: This is to denote persons who had dark eyes as well as hair.
  • File: Its meaning refers to the very sensitive person.
  • nancy: He that is, and is blessed of God.
  • goalkeeper: Short name denoting a leader of noble birth.
  • clive: Means children of the cliffs.
  • Esra: Power is the meaning of a short but very intense name like this one.
  • Lucas: There are many celebrities who are called like that, symbolizing the boss or the one who is always on top.
  • To believe: Trust and loyalty could not be lacking in a single name, a single syllable
  • paige: is another common and also beautiful name that symbolizes little girls.
  • church: The meaning is church. His success grew in England and its corners.
  • Trey: The third son carried the number and this name in one.
  • beverly: place and also a proper name meaning hill.

As we can see, English names give a lot of space. They are tall, usually short and offer great originality. But it is true that there are many languages ​​\u200b\u200bin which we will find a similar theme so that our family will always have the least common but most beautiful names.

If you have already decided on any of the English names, Congratulations! I'm glad I was helpful. However, to clarify your doubts, we recommend that you also read other articles such as:

  • list of italian names
  • The most common Arabic names
  • Greek names for women and men.
  • names in basque
  • Hebrew
  • list of funny chinese names


If you found this article about names and surnames of English origin interesting, get more information in the categorynames in other languages.

Information about the meaning of all the names analyzed on this site has been compiled based on knowledge gained through reading and studying areference bibliographyby authors as prominent as Bertrand Russell, Antenor Nascenteso or the SpanishElio Antonio de Nebrija.


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