Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (2023)

Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (1)

Are you waiting and trying to think of a name for your bundle of joy? With thousands of names to choose from and ever-changing trends, the task can seem daunting. you are walking moretraditionalor moreexclusive? you must choose onetrendy nameor something that stands the test of time? If you want your girl to have a name that she will love forever, sometimes choosing one is better.names with meaning. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to this.meaningful girl names, and we have over 160 suggestions to get you started.

If you can never know where it will take the life of your daughter, a name that has a special meaning if it is a sure bet. Whether you want your daughter to be named after an old Hollywood movie star, a Greek goddess, an English queen or even a flower, we have options inspired by mythology, history, literature and nature, but they all have one thing in common comunes: All have beautiful meanings.

From Aaliyah to Zillah, these wonderfully meaningful girl names might include a name you'll love for your new addition, and the best part is that they never go out of style.

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classic girl names

  • Catarina:This Greek name (which has a variety of spellings) means "pure" and was a popular choice from the time of Catherine of Aragon until today's royal Catherine Middleton.
  • Isabel:This Hebrew name means "God is my oath" and was granted royal status by Queens Elizabeth I and II of England.
  • Diana:Of Greek origin, this name means 'divine' and is associated with the former Princess of Wales.
  • Anastasia:Belonging to the daughter of the last Russian tsar, this Greek name means "resurrection."
  • Beatriz:This name in Latin means 'the lucky one' or 'the blessed one' and is also the name of one of Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughters.
  • Raquel:This cozy name means 'Sheep', which is a female sheep.
  • María:This name is a different interpretation of the Hebrew name “Mariam”, which can mean rebellious.
  • Missing in action:The name Mia is a shorter variant of Maria and has the same meaning. Ella can also mean "beauty" and "beloved".
  • jhatch:This name has biblical roots, but it still sounds modern. In the Bible, it means "dedicated to Jupiter."
  • Mackenzie:This name (which can be spelled Mckenzie or Makenzie, among other things) means "born of fire or son of the wise leader" and has Gaelic roots.
  • February:Known as the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, this name means "radiant or shining."
  • Victoria:This Latin name means "victory" and is shared by Queen Victoria, who gave her name to the Victorian era.
  • Eve:This classic name comes from a Hebrew word meaning "to live" or "to breathe."
  • Martha:This beautiful name of Greek origin means "the lady".
  • Adelaide:Most commonly associated with the good Queen Adelaide, this German name means "noble or noble."
  • Abigail:This Hebrew name, meaning "joy of his father or source of joy," is the Old Testament name of Nabal's wife, who later became King David's third wife.
  • Candace:This royal name means "queen mother" and is an ancient title belonging to a dynasty of Ethiopian queens in the New Testament.
  • Hanna:According to the Bible, the name Anna is associated with "favor" and "grace".
  • María:Best known as the mother of Jesus, Mary is a name that means 'beloved'.
  • Juana:Joanna means "gift of God" in the New Testament and was the name of the wife of Chuza, Herod's steward.
  • Schiloh:Shiloh means "peace or abundance" and is the name of a Biblical place mentioned in Genesis and known as a resting place.
  • Rebeca:She is the wife of Isaac in the Bible and her nickname means "bind".
  • Then:This name (which can also be written Laila or Leila) is of Arabic origin and means "night".
  • Ruta:Ruth means “compassionate friend” in the Bible and is known for her unwavering faith in God.
  • Naomi:Naomi, meaning "kindness" in Hebrew, was the name of Ruth's mother-in-law in the Old Testament, who accompanied Ruth back to Bethlehem after the death of her son (Ruth's husband).
  • Chloe:Chloe, which means "green grass" and indicates fertility and growth, is mentioned by Paul in one of his New Testament letters as a Christian from Corinth who told Paul about the conflict within the local church.
  • Sara:This Hebrew name, meaning "princess," was the name of Abraham's wife and mother of Isaac in the Old Testament.
  • Y:Ana, which means 'grace', was the daughter of Fanuel from the tribe of Asher and a prophetess of Jerusalem who, in her old age, recognized Jesus as the Messiah they expected as soon as he saw him as a baby in his temple.
  • Gracia:derived from Latingracias,this name means "favor or thanks."
  • morgan:This Welsh name means "born of the sea".
  • gabriela:Another feminine form of the Hebrew name Gabriel, this name can also be spelled Gabriell or Gabriele and means 'God is my strength'.
  • Sofia:This classic name means "wisdom" in Greek.
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unique girl names

Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (3)

  • Rabe:This Old English name means "dark or wise haired."
  • Bernstein:This name is of Arabic, English and Gaelic origin and can mean 'jewel' or 'wild'.
  • scrubyou:This name is of Latin origin and means "dark red gem".
  • Cherry:This unique name of French origin means 'cherry'.
  • Hazelnut:Derived from the Hebrew name Hasael, this name means "God sees."
  • Giada:This name is of Italian origin and means 'jade'.
  • Redhead:This name is of English origin and means 'pure or chaste'.
  • Reading:This unusual name of Greek origin means "sea green jewel".
  • Clementine:This name is of French and Latin origin, meaning "merciful."
  • Oliva:This name in English means "olive" and resembles an olive branch, which is a symbol of peace.
  • Bud:This name is of Latin and Italian origin, meaning "precious stone".
  • Leave: This name is of French and Old Latin origin and is said to mean "modesty and fidelity.""
  • Gardenias:This name is said to mean "garden flower" in English.
  • Rosa:This name means "a flower" and is of Latin origin.
  • Lily:This name comes from the Latin wordlilyand means "pure, passion, or rebirth."
  • Dalia:Also spelled Dahlia, this Norse name means 'of the valley'.
  • Nevaeh:This name, spelled backwards, "Cielo", is becoming more and more popular with girls, but it is still unique.
  • Willa:This feminine variant of William is of German origin and means "resolute protection."
  • Gentle:Shared by the bookworm character inBeauty and the Beast, this French name means "beautiful."
  • Iris:Derived directly from the Greek wordIris, this name means "rainbow".
  • Poppy:A bright and cheerful name that will certainly be remembered. Poppy in Latin means "of the flower".
  • Leilani:This name means 'heavenly law or royal son of heaven' and is of Hawaiian origin.
  • Margarita:This French variant of Margaret means "bead the margarita".
  • Margarita:This is a name of English origin, which means 'eye of the day'.
  • Jasmine:This name means 'gift of God' and is of Persian origin.
  • Lavender:This name is of English origin and means "a plant with purple flowers".
  • Regenerate:This name means 'abundant blessings from above' and can also be spelled Rainn.
  • Intelligent:This Latin name (which can also be spelled Saige, Sange, or Sayge) means "wise."
  • Food:This name is of English origin and means 'slender or elegant'.
  • Opinion:This Old English name means "brave traveler."
  • rain fern:This name is of Greek origin and means "immortality".
  • cala:This is a name of Greek origin that means "beautiful".

creative names for girls

Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (4)

  • hermione:This name is of Greek origin and means 'messenger or terrestrial' and is perfect forharry potteraficionados.
  • Sansa:This Sanskrit name, which means "praise or charm," was popularized byTo War Two Thrones.
  • aria:Another name of Sanskrit origin forTo War Two Thrones, this name is a modern variant of Aria, which means "noble".
  • Heloise:Made famous by the Plaza Hotel's most famous resident, this French name means "healthy."
  • To explore:This name means "listen", is of Old French origin and is shared by the main character ofkilling a bird.
  • Heide:An affectionate name for Adalheidis or Adalheid, this German name (shared by the fictional character Johanna Spyri) means "of noble descent."
  • imogen:Shared by the king's daughter Cymbeline, this Celtic name means "virgin."
  • Julio:Most commonly associated with William Shakespeare's tragic character, this English name (which can also be spelled as Juliette) means "young woman."
  • Arielle:Ariel, which means "Lion of God" in Hebrew, is used in the Old Testament as another name for the city of Jerusalem.
  • Matilda:Also spelled Mathilda and Mathilde, this old German name means "mighty in battle" and was made popular by Roald Dahl's novel of the same name.
  • ramona:Made famous by the character of Beverly Cleary, this name is of Spanish origin and means "wise protector."
  • Bella:This Italian name (a diminutive version of Isabella) means "beautiful" and is a great choice for fans oftwilight.
  • Roxanne:This name is of Persian origin and means "dawn". He is most commonly associated with the music of The Police.
  • Athens:Often associated with the daughter of Zeus, this Greek name means "wise."
  • Luna:Derived directly from Latin.LunaMeaning "moon", Luna is known as the mythological Roman goddess of the moon.
  • Aurora:This Latin name is associated with the Roman goddess of dawn, which means "dawn."
  • Elsa:This German name means 'God compels' and is shared with the older sister.frozen.
  • Memory:Meaning "of the mind or intellect," your daughter could share that name with Minnie Mouse.
  • eugenia:Popularized by the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, this Greek name means "well-born or noble."
  • Elena:Popularized by the daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, this Greek name means "bright light."
  • Seidelbast:This Greek name means "laurel tree" and comes from a mythological water nymph..
  • Zilla:The name Zillah appears in the Old Testament of the Bible. It means "shadow" or "protection".
  • Penelope:This Greek name means "weaver" and is often associated with the wife of Odysseus.
  • Noah:In the Bible, Noah is one of the five daughters of Zelophehad, and that name means 'movement'.
  • Maeva:A warrior queen in Irish mythology, this name means "the intoxicating one."
  • Cassandra:Shared by a Trojan princess, this Greek name means "brilliant or remarkable man."
  • Tiana:Tiana is of Slavic origin and means "queen of the fairies". She gained popularity after Disney named their first African-American princess after her.
  • Gaia:This name is considered the creator of the earth and the universe in Greek mythology, meaning "mother of the earth." An alternative spelling is Gaya.
  • calliope:This name is the best known of the Muses of Greek mythology, meaning "beautiful voice".
  • Cleopatra:This name is of Greek origin and means 'glory of the father' and was popularized by the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt.
  • Valencia:This Latin name means "strong or healthy" and is shared by a city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
  • Abilene:Like the city of Texas, this Hebrew name means "land of meadows."
  • In the lines:This name is of Latin origin and is related to the German Emeline, which means "peaceful homeland".
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cool girl names

Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (5)

  • Adela:Popularized by the British singer, this German name means "noble or gentle."
  • Aaliyah:Often associated with the late R&B singer, this name is of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning "promoted or exalted."
  • Jolene:A feminine form of Joseph, this name means 'He (God) will grow up' and was made famous by Dolly Parton's song of the same name.
  • Kehlani: This Polynesian name means "sea sky" and was made famous by the singer-songwriter of the same name.
  • Jaime:This classic nickname means "supplanter", that is, someone who is a strong ruler.
  • Georgia:This feminine form of the Greek name George, popularized by the artist Georgia O'Keeffe, is of English origin and means "peasant".
  • she shared.Inspired by Plain White T's song "Hey There, Delilah," this Hebrew name means "cute."
  • Amal:This gender-neutral name is mentioned in the Book of Chronicles. In Hebrew it means "work" or "work".
  • Ariane: This Italian-derived name (also spelled Arianna) means "most sacred of all" and is often associated with pop princess Ariana Grande.
  • Selena:This Latin name (which can also be spelled Selina) is shared by Selena Gomez and the late Selena Quintanilla and means "goddess of the moon."
  • Gabourey:Popularized by actress Gabourey Sidibe, this Hebrew name means "the power of God."
  • Reese:This Welsh name (shared by actress Reese Witherspoon) means "zeal."
  • Nala:Also spelled Nahla, this African name means "successful" and is perfect for fans ofThe Lion King.
  • Genoveva:Derived from the medieval Germanic name Genovefa, this name is of French origin and means 'family woman'.
  • Rosario:This Spanish name was made famous by actress Rosario Dawson and translates as "rosary."
  • Gisele:This French and German name associated with model Gisele Bündchen (with various spellings including Giselle, Gisselle, Gizelle, and Gissel) derives from Germanicdefeated,which means "promise".
  • Gwyneth:Also spelled Gwenyth or Gweyneth, this Welsh name means "lucky or blessed" and is often associated with actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Audrey:Often associated with Audrey Hepburn, this name in English means "noble strength."
  • marilyn:Most commonly associated with Marilyn Monroe, this Hebrew name means "desired child."
  • Tierra:This name means "earth" and is often associated with Eartha Kitt.
  • Of:This Latin variant of Eva, shared with Ava Gardner, means "to live."
  • Dorothy:This name is shared with Dorothy Dandridge and is the anglicized variant of the Greek Dorothea, meaning "gift of God".
  • Greta:This diminutive of Margarethe is of German origin and means 'pearl' and was popularized by Greta Garbo. She can also be spelled Gretta, Grete or Grette.
  • Gloria:This Latin name (which is shared with Gloria Swanson) was derived from the Latinfama, which means "glory".
  • mariana:This Spanish name means "grace or drop of the sea."
  • Juana:Meaning 'God is merciful', this Hebrew name is associated with Joan Crawford.
  • Vivien:This Latin name (which can also be spelled Vivienne, Vivian, or Vivianne) was popularized by Vivien Leigh and means "life."
  • Ingrid:This Norse name means "fair or fair" and was popularized by Ingrid Bergman.
  • Gwendolin:This Welsh name (also spelled Gwendolen) is said to mean "blessed ring".
  • Ask:This beautiful name of Hebrew origin means 'cassia tree'.
  • carolina:This name is of German origin and means "free or beautiful woman".
  • Brooklyn:This name means 'beautiful stream' and can also be spelled Brooklynn or Brooklyne.
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unusual girl names

Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (6)

  • Cassidy:This Irish name means "curly."
  • dakota:This name comes from the Sioux Indian tribe and means "friendly."
  • Quinn: This name is of Gaelic origin and means "intelligent or wise".
  • Peyton:Also spelled Payton, this Irish name means "patrician or nobleman."
  • Finley:This name means 'good warrior or hero' and is of Scottish origin.
  • gillian:This name is a feminine variant of Julian, of English origin, which means 'young'.
  • Micah:Also spelled Mica, Mikah, or Myka, this is a Hebrew name meaning "Who is like God?"
  • reagan:This name is of Irish origin and means 'little ruler'.
  • Emery:This name is of German origin and means "worker".
  • fila:In addition to being a sportswear company, Fila is also a Greek name meaning "to love."
  • Ginebra:Derived from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, this name (which can also be spelled Guenevere or Guenevere) means "the beautiful one".
  • fall down:This name, which means "of a ruling family", is of Irish origin.
  • Trinidad:This Latin name means "triad" and refers to the Holy Trinity.
  • Elora:In Hebrew, the name Elora means "my God is my light."
  • charity:This name is of English origin and means 'to give or kindness'.
  • Believe:This English name means "complete trust or devotion."
  • TRUE:This name is of Latin origin and means 'truth'.
  • To the honor: This name means 'dignity or reputation' and is of English origin.
  • Sutton:An English name meaning 'from the southern farm', this name was popularized as a given name by actress Sutton Foster.
  • Gila:This Hebrew name (also spelled Geela, Gilla, Gilah, or Gillah) means 'joy in the Lord.'
  • Have hope:This name in English means "fulfillment wish".
  • Wisdom:derived from Latinwisdom, this name means "care".
  • Amistad:This name is of Latin origin and means "friendship or harmony".
  • Tabitha:She is known in the Bible for being a charitable person, and her nickname means "beauty" or "grace".
  • Mountain Ash:Shared by actress Rowan Blanchard, this Gaelic name means "little redhead."
  • Verde:Also spelled Grier, this name is of Scottish origin and means "alert or watchful."
  • Chastity:This is an English name meaning "purity."
  • gianna:This Italian name (which can also be spelled Giana or Geonna) is a feminine version of Gianni, which means "God is merciful."
  • Cheers:Allegra is an Italian name meaning "cheerful."
  • Genesis:This name means "the beginning", is of Greek origin and can also be written Genesis.
  • He must:This African name means 'beginning of the season'.
  • Zara:This name is of Arabic origin and means "splendor".

Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (7)

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Do you need name ideas for girls? You will definitely love these sensible suggestions. (8)

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