[eslint disable command] (2023)

'Standards': {

"hanging coma": ["Error","Never"],//Whether trailing commas are allowed in objects

"no-cond-assign": 2,//The assignment operator is not allowed in the condition of the conditional statement

"no console": 2,//Console statement is not allowed

"non-permanent condition": 2,//Constant amounts are not allowed in conditions of conditional statements

"sin control-regex": 2,//Control characters are not allowed in regular expressions

"no debugger": 2,//Debugger statements are not allowed

"Arguments Without Deceit": 2,//don't allow duplicate parameters when defining the function

"sem-dupe-keys": 2,//Do not allow duplicate keys in object

"No Duplicate Case": 2,//Do not allow case-sensitive duplicate labels in switch statement

"It's not empty": 2,// Empty code blocks are not allowed

"non-empty character class": 2,//Empty character classes are not allowed in regular expressions

"no previous designation": 2,//Do not allow reassignment of exception variables in try-catch statement

"no additional boolean conversion": 2,//Forbid unnecessary boolean conversions

"no extra dad": 0,//Do not allow unnecessary parentheses

"not-extra-semi": 2,//Do not allow unnecessary semicolons

"no-func-assign": 2,//Do not allow reassignment of role declarations

"no inner explanations": ["Error","Functions"],//Declaring functions in nested blocks of code is not allowed

"no-invalid-regexp": 2,//Invalid regular expressions are not allowed in the RegExp constructor

"no jagged spaces": 2,// Irregular spaces are not allowed

"not-denied-in-lhs": 2,//You must not use the negation operation on the leftmost operand in the expression declaration

"Calls without object": 2,//Do not allow the object's global properties to be called as functions

"no regex spaces": 2,//Multiple consecutive spaces are not allowed in regular expressions

"Quote Props": 2,//Does the property name of the object need to be in quotes?

"non-sparse matrices": 2,// Empty positions are not allowed in the array

"not inaccessible": 2,// Unreachable statements are not allowed after return, throw, continue, and break statements

"use": 2,//Use isNaN() when searching for NaN

"valid-jsdoc": ["Error", {

(Video) 24. Enable or Disable ESLint rules for a particular file or the set of lines in a file - ESLint

"RequireReturn":NOT CORRECT,

"requireParamDescription":NOT CORRECT,


}],// Enforce JSDoc comments

"valid type of": ["Error", {


}],//Force use of valid strings when using type expression comparisons

"var-of-block-scope": 2,//Place variable declarations in appropriate blocks of code

"Complexity": 0,// limits the complexity of conditional statements

"consistent return": 2,//The return statement is forced to return a value, regardless of whether there is a return value

"curly": ["Error","at"],// Apply the curly style

"Standard Case": 0,// there must be a default statement in the switch statement

"Punctnotation": ["Error", {"allow keywords":NOT CORRECT,"Allow default":""}],//Use dot notation when retrieving object properties

"fast": ["Error","elegant"],//Use strict equality when comparing

"no alarm": 1,// alert, commit, and prompt statements are not allowed

"no calls": 2,//The arguments.callee and arguments.caller properties are not allowed

"Guard to Enter": 0,//Monitor the for in loop to avoid unexpected situations

"no-div-regex": 2,// can't use regular expressions that look like divisions

"no-going back": 0,//If the if statement has a return, the return does not have to be placed in else

"No grades": ["Error", {

"Allow Loop":NOT CORRECT,

"permitirSwitch":NOT CORRECT

}],// Tag declarations are not allowed

"no-eq-null": 2,// It's not allowed to use == or != for null

"no rating": 2,// eval() is not allowed

"native without extension": 2,// Native objects cannot be extended

"no more bond": 2,//Forbid unnecessary function bindings

"no mistakes": 2,//Don't allow the switch to run all cases in sequence

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"non-decimal float": 2,//Forbid missing digits in floating point numbers

"no implicit rating": 2,// Implicit eval() is not allowed

"Sin Iterator": 2,//The attribute __iterator__ is not allowed

"no lonely blocks": 2,//Forbid unnecessary nested blocks of code

"function without loop": 2,// Function declarations are not allowed in loop declarations

"without multiple spaces": 2,// additional spaces are not allowed

"no-multi-str": 2,// Don't allow \ to wrap strings

"no global assignment": 2,//Remapping of native objects is not allowed

"Nothing new": 2,//It is not allowed to create a new instance without assignment or comparison

"no news": 2,// New role is not allowed

"no new packaging": 2,// new String, Number and Boolean objects are not allowed

"not octal": 2,// Octal literals are not allowed

"octal sin escape": 2,// Octal escape sequences are not allowed

"parameterlose Neuzuordnung": 0,//Reassignment of the parameters of the "no-proto" function is not allowed: 2, //The __proto__ attribute is not allowed

"without re-registration": 2,// The declaration of variables must not be repeated

"attribution without consideration": 2,//Do not allow assignment statements in return statements

"URL Sin Script": 2,// JavaScript is not allowed: empty (0)

"No self-comparison": 2,// Allow yourself no comparison

"no sequels": 2,// Expressions with commas are not allowed

"don't literally pull": 2,//It is not allowed to throw an error literal throw "error"

"no unused expressions": 2,//Forbid unused expressions

"without emptiness": 2,// Void operator is not allowed

"Comment unannounced": [1, {"Conditions": ["at","keep me","any other term"]}],//Do not allow warning comments

"not with": 2,//The with statement is not allowed

"Base": 1,// When using parseInt, it is imperative to use the radix to indicate whether the numbers are decimal or other bases

"vars-on-top": 0,//var must be placed at the top of the scope

"life pack": [2,"some"],// bracket style to execute expressions immediately

"Iodine": [2,"Never", {"outsideRango":TRUTH}],//The yoda condition is not allowed in the if condition

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"strictly": [2,"Profession"],// use strict mode

"uncaptured shadow": 2,//The err variable accepted by the try-catch statement must not have the same name as the external variable "no-delete-var": 2, //The delete operator is not allowed

"var unlabeled": 2,//Do not allow tags and variables with the same name

"without shadow": 2,//A variable in outer scope cannot have the same name as a variable or parameter in containing scope

"Names Without Shadow Restriction": 2,// js keywords and reserved words cannot be used as function names or variable names

"not helpless": 2,// Forbid undeclared variables

"no-undef-init": 2,//When initializing variables, it is not allowed to assign undefined to variables

"not undefined": 2,//Undefined must not be used as an identifier

"no-unused-vars": [2, {"vars":"at","Arguments":"After Use"}],//Forbid unused variables or parameters after declaration

"do not use before hiring": [2,"No function"],// Prohibit use of variables before undefined "indent": 2, // Apply consistent indent style

"Corset Style": [2,"1 TB", {"permitirSingleLine":NOT CORRECT}],// key style

"The Case of Carmel": [2, {"Characteristics":"Never"}],// Apply camel case naming rules

"Coma-Style": [2,"keep"],// Comma style

"consistent-it": [0,"being"],//The same style will be used if this is retrieved from the current environment

"eol-last": 2,// The file ends with a new line

"Function Names": 0,// Function expressions must have names

"style func": 0,// Function style specifying that only function declarations or function expressions can be used

"key spacing": [2, {"before Columbus":NOT CORRECT,"after Columbus":TRUTH}],// Spaces before and after the colon in the object literal

"max-nested-callbacks": 0,// callback nesting depth

"new cap": [2, {"novoIsCap":TRUTH,"capIstNeu":NOT CORRECT}],//The first letter of the constructor name must be uppercase

"new dad": 2,//Constructor must have parentheses if new

"line break after var": 0,// There must be a blank line after the variable declaration

"Matrixloser Konstruktor": 2,//Array constructor is not allowed

"no online reviews": 0,// Don't allow inline comments

"no-lonely-yes": 0,// disallow only if statements inside else statements

"no spaces and mixed tabs": [2,"intelligent leaders"],// Mixing tabs and spaces is not allowed

"no-multiple-blank-lines": [2, {"maximal": 2}],// no more than two empty lines

"non-nested ternary": 2,// Nested ternary operators are not allowed

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"not-new-object": 2,// Disallow the use of new Object()

"Fun-Call-Spacing": 2,//When calling a function, there must be no spaces between the function name and ().

"non-ternary": 0,//The ternary operator is not allowed

"no trailing spaces": 2,// Spaces at the end of the line are not allowed

"no underscore": 2,//Disallow identifiers beginning with an underscore

"no extra dad": 0,// no extra parentheses allowed

"someone was": 0,// forces variable declarations to be placed together

"carrier assignment": 0,//The style of the assignment operator

"padded blocks": [2,"Never"],//If the first line or the end of the line in the block is empty

"Quote Props": 0,//Quote property names in object literals

"Quotes": [1,"einzel","Avoid Escape"],// citation style

"bad": [2,"forever"],//Apply the semicolon at the end of the statement

"Halbabstand": [2, {"Before":NOT CORRECT,"after":TRUTH}],// spaces before and after the division

"sort by who": 0,// Sorted when variables are declared

"space before blocks": [2,"forever"],// spaces before blocks

"space before function stop": [2, {"anonymous":"forever","On behalf of":"Never"}],//The space before the brackets when defining the function

"space-infix-ops": [2, {"int32suggestion":TRUTH}],// spaces around operators

"Keyword-Abstand": 2,// spaces before and after keywords

"Unary Space Operations": [2, {"Words":TRUTH,"wordless":NOT CORRECT}],//Do not insert spaces before and after unary operators

"wrap-regex": 2,// Regex literals are enclosed in parentheses

"nowhere": 0,// use let and const instead of var

"Generator-Sternabstand": [2,"both"],// spaces before and after the generator function

"maximum depth": 0,//Nested block depth

"max-long": 0,// The maximum length of a line in characters

"Maximum Parameter": 0,//The maximum number of parameters the function can have

"Maximum Sentences": 0,//The maximum number of declarations in the function

"not even a little bit": 0,// bitwise operators are not allowed

"no-plusplus": 0// The ++ -- operator is not allowed

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How do I disable ESLint for few lines? ›

If you want to disable an ESLint rule in a file or on a specific line, you can add a comment. On a single line: const message = 'foo'; console. log(message); // eslint-disable-line no-console // eslint-disable-next-line no-console console.

How do I disable ESLint for multiple lines? ›

To temporarily turn off ESLint, you should add a block comment /* eslint-disable */ before the lines that you're interested in: /* eslint-disable */ console.log('JavaScript debug log'); console.log('eslint is disabled now'); Once ESLint sees the /* eslint-disable */ comment it turns off the parsing.

How do I completely disable ESLint? ›

To disable all ESLint rules check on a current single line code, we can add eslint-disable-line on the right side of the code. If we want to specific only certain rules, we can append the rule name.

How to disable ESLint for one function? ›

You can also disable the no-eval rule for an entire function block by using /* eslint-disable */ . If you put /* eslint-disable no-eval */ before any code in a . js file, that will disable the no-eval rule for the entire file. You can also disable all ESLint rules by putting /* eslint-disable */ at the top of a file.

How to disable eqeqeq in ESLint? ›

You may locate the eslint configuration file, and change eqeqeq rule to off : eqeqeq: 'off', Also, make sure that you don't override the setting farther. Save this answer.

How do I disable ESLint React scripts? ›

One way is to eject react-scripts - by running yarn eject / npm run eject - and turn off eslint in webpack config file manually.

How do you disable multiple lines of code in Python? ›

Unlike other programming languages Python doesn't support multi-line comment blocks out of the box. The recommended way to comment out multiple lines of code in Python is to use consecutive # single-line comments. This is the only way to get “true” source code comments that are removed by the Python parser.

How to disable max params in ESLint? ›

In ESLint the rule that generates this warning is named max-params . You can disable it by setting it to 0 , or enable it by setting it to 1 .

How do I automatically fix ESLint? ›

You can set up ESLint to run auto-fix every time you press CTRL+S (or COMMAND+S ). For ESLint to work correctly on file same, you must change the Visual Studio Code preferences. Go to File > Preferences > Settings (or Code > Preferences > Settings).

How do I disable ESLint for project Vscode? ›

How to enable/disable ESLint globally in VS Code-2021: Click Extensions -> Search ESLint -> Right click on ESLint to enable and disable it. Once ESLint been enabled, we can check the ESLint config details by below steps: Click settings -> Expand Extensions -> click ESLint.

How do I ignore a test file in ESLint? ›

You can configure ESLint to ignore certain files and directories while linting by specifying one or more glob patterns. You can ignore files in the following ways: Add ignorePatterns to a configuration file. Create a dedicated file that contains the ignore patterns ( .eslintignore by default).

How do I see all lint errors? ›

Using the extension with VS Code's task running
  1. Go to Command pallet (CTRL + P + SHIFT)
  2. > tasks run.
  3. Hit Tasks: run Task.
  4. You'll find eslint: lint whole folder.
  5. Hit and that's it.
Oct 12, 2016

What is lint validation? ›

A linter is a tool that analyzes code to both validate and “flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs”. This ensures that your program is valid, easily readable by humans, and catches some bugs even before running your program. GitLab Validators/Linters.

How do I disable ESLint unused variables? ›

Here are three ways to disable the no-unused-vars rule:
  1. Set "no-unused-vars": "off" in . eslintrc. json.
  2. Wrap a code block in /* eslint-disable no-unused-vars */ (enable the rule again with /* eslint-enable no-unused-vars */
  3. Add // eslint-disable-next-line no-unused-vars to exclude a single line.
May 16, 2022

How do I turn off no use before define? ›

If you want to disable just the no-use-before-define rule and leave all other ESLint rules, you should use // eslint-disable-line no-use-before-undefined . After // eslint-disable-line , you can list out the rules you want to disable, separated by spaces.

How do I disable Eslint prettier prettier? ›

There are a couple of ways to turn these rules off:
  1. Put "plugin:prettier/recommended" in your "extends" . That's eslint-plugin-prettier's recommended config.
  2. Put "prettier/prettier" in your "extends" . ...
  3. Remove them from your config or turn them off manually.

How do I stop a script from React? ›

You can use Ctrl + c to stop running the React app in your command line.

How to disable plugins in ESLint? ›

To disable plugins for file paths use new ESLint 6+ Overrides feature in config (. eslintrc). It has many different configurations for glob path patterns, ignore patterns and it basically creates a nested config for a list of files (ESLint docs for more info).

How do you hide multiple lines of code? ›

To block comment /* */ code:
  1. In the C/C++ editor, select multiple line(s) of code to comment out.
  2. To comment out multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Add Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+/ )
  3. To uncomment multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Remove Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+\ )

How many lines of code is too many Python? ›

My advice is to avoid having many statements (or lines of code) in a single method or function. I would recommend having less than a thousand lines of code in each of them (and usually, just a hundred or two).

How do you skip a few lines of code in Python? ›

The break and continue statements in Python are used to skip parts of the current loop or break out of the loop completely. The break statement can be used if you need to break out of a for or while loop and move onto the next section of code.

How do you avoid too many parameters in a function? ›

There are two techniques that can be used to reduce a functions' arguments. One of them is to refactor the function, making it smaller, consequently, reducing the arguments' number. The Extract Method technique can be use to achieve this goal.

How many params can be used at a maximum? ›

Theoretically you can set these max stack size to 8192 bits. Each variable takes up 32 bits then you could pass 256 parameters. 8192/32 = 256. There is no maximum limit to pass parameters or arguments to a user defined function.

How do you reduce the number of parameters in a method? ›

You can break the method into smaller methods, then call the smaller methods from the parent method. Sometimes you can then call the extracted method directly and remove this call from this original method. This can lead to decreasing the number of method parameters.

How can I improve my ESLint performance? ›

One of the most convenient ways to speed up ESLint execution on big projects is to run it on only files that have been changed while you are working. It's possible to achieve this by using lint-staged. The exact technique is covered in the Automation chapter.

Is ESLint mandatory? ›

Yes, ESLint will make you see those pesky unused variables or imports. Another useful thing about ESLint is that it can help you with stuff that's hard to catch by running or looking at the code. Consider this example.

How do I see all ESLint errors in Vscode? ›

Open the command palette by pressing Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + P and select 'ESLint: Show Output Channel'. If ESLint throws any errors, they should appear here.

How do I ignore lint errors in VS Code? ›

Disable linting

You can easily toggle between enabling and disabling your linter. To switch, open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) and select the Python: Enable/Disable Linting command. This will populate a dropdown with the current linting state and options to Enable or Disable Python linting.

What does ESLint do in VS Code? ›

The pluggable linting utility for JavaScript and JSX

ESLint is an open source project that helps you find and fix problems with your JavaScript code. It doesn't matter if you're writing JavaScript in the browser or on the server, with or without a framework, ESLint can help your code live its best life.

How do you disable or ignore test cases in TestNG? ›

In such cases, annotation @Test(enabled = false) helps to disable this test case. If a test method is annotated with @Test(enabled = false), then the test case that is not ready to test is bypassed.

How do I exclude a file from ESLint? ›

There are 3 ways you can do this:
  1. You can go with 1.2 and add /* eslint-disable */ on top of the files, one by one.
  2. You can put the file name(s) in . eslintignore . ...
  3. Alternatively, if you don't want to have a separate . eslintignore file, you can add "eslintIgnore": ["file1.

How do I skip a test file? ›

To skip running the tests for a particular project, set the skipTests property to true. You can also skip the tests via the command line by executing the following command: mvn install -DskipTests.

How do you debug lint? ›

Here's how you can debug your lint rules in AndroidStudio:
  1. Click on Edit configurations... ...
  2. Then, select your project and enter lintDebug for the task (it's lintLiveDebug for me because i have multiple different debug build variants and one of them is called liveDebug ).
Jan 14, 2016

How do you check lint before committing? ›

Below are the steps that I followed to lint JavaScript/ES6 before committing:
  1. If you haven't initialized git for your repo then do so by running the command: git init.
  2. You should see a . ...
  3. Go to .git/hooks . ...
  4. Rename that file to pre-commit.
  5. Remove the existing sample code.
  6. Run chmod +x . ...
  7. Voila!

What are linting errors? ›

Lint, or a linter, is a static code analysis tool used to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors and suspicious constructs. The term originates from a Unix utility that examined C language source code.

How do you limit lint? ›

How to Prevent Lint on Clothes
  1. Clean both your washer and drier filters before they're full. ...
  2. Wash garments prone to attracting lint inside out. ...
  3. Separate clothes based on colours. ...
  4. Hand wash high lint items. ...
  5. Wash high lint clothes on a gentle cycle. ...
  6. Wash less often. ...
  7. Deep clean your washing machine with vinegar.
Nov 23, 2018

What is the difference between lint and validate? ›

Linters make sure that code is properly formed and syntaxed as to prevent bugs - usually in realtime or upon save/compile. Validators (in the case of W3) make sure that the markup adheres to the rules defined for that specific doctype.

Should you remove lint? ›

The recommendations you've heard are correct – you should clean the lint filter between every batch of clothes. Get into the habit of removing lint from the screen, either before or after every batch. Many new dryers will automatically remind you to check the lint filter before starting up.

How do I disable ESLint in VS code? ›

How to enable/disable ESLint globally in VS Code-2021: Click Extensions -> Search ESLint -> Right click on ESLint to enable and disable it.

How do I disable ESLint react scripts? ›

One way is to eject react-scripts - by running yarn eject / npm run eject - and turn off eslint in webpack config file manually.

How do I stop a command in VSCode? ›

Another solution is to press Ctrl + Shift + P and select Terminal:clear .

How do I stop code execution in VS code? ›

VS Code maintains a debug session while the program is running, and pressing the Stop button terminates the program.

How do I automatically fix ESLint errors? ›

You can set up ESLint to run auto-fix every time you press CTRL+S (or COMMAND+S ). For ESLint to work correctly on file same, you must change the Visual Studio Code preferences. Go to File > Preferences > Settings (or Code > Preferences > Settings).

How do I set ESLint rules in VSCode? ›

Configure VSCode Settings to use ESLint for Formatting

Click that tiny icon in the top-right that looks like a piece of paper with a little arrow. The first one turns on ESLint for formatting, and the next 3 make it do the formatting when you hit save. That should do it! Save the settings file and close it, we're done.


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