FaceTime SharePlay not working after iOS 15 update? That's how it goes (2023)

You will learn here why FaceTime or SharePlay Screen Sharing for iPhone is not working after iOS 15 update and how to make it appear in the FaceTime app.

FaceTime SharePlay not working after iOS 15 update? That's how it goes (1)

Ella GarciaUpdated on February 1, 2023 at 17:06

The issue of screen sharing not showing up on Facetime or not being able to use this feature may occur on iOS 15 update.

  • SharePlay or screen sharing is finally available in iOS 15.1 or later. After the iOS 15.1 update, FaceTime calls may display the Share My Screen option on the right side.
  • It's easy to turn on screen sharing when you start a FaceTime video call, and your music, TV show, and movie will sync with whoever joins the call with SharePlay.
  • If your device has been updated but you still can't use screen sharing in FaceTime, you'll need to turn the FaceTime app off and on again. Make sure the app you want to share supports or uses the SharePlay serviceiOS system recoveryTool to fix your iPhone after update.

FaceTime SharePlay not working after iOS 15 update? That's how it goes (2)

SharePlay is not yet available in iOS 15, but it is available in iOS 15.1 and later.

Apple iOS 15 brings a host of new features to your iPhone so you can do more. One of them is SharePlay. It is a planned FaceTime screen sharing feature to be released in the iOS 15 update. However, some Apple users reported that after updating to iOS 15 on iPhone, the screen sharing is not working: the button is not even there. on the screen or is dimmed. If you're having screen sharing issues on iOS 15, here are a few things you can try.

Is FaceTime SharePlay or Screen Share available in iOS 15?

SharePlay was first introduced in iOS 15, but it was delayed and is not yet available when the release date rolls around. Users are told to keep an eye out for it being available at a later date.

Officially, since the release of iOS 15.1, Apple added the screen sharing feature to start the SharePlay experience. You can share the screen on your own phone, watch movies and shows, listen to music, and use apps with one or more people on a FaceTime call at the same time.

(Video) Apple SharePlay im Test | Nützliche Funktion oder nette Spielerei? (iOS 15)

If FaceTime screen sharing isn't working, the screen sharing button is completely missing or grayed out, or anything else related to a lack of functionality, the main step is to check if your iPhone is updated to iOS 15.1 or later. Once the software is installed, you can use the feature on the iPhone.

SharePlay is not included in iOS version 15.0.1. Some users have claimed to have this feature when running the BETA version of iOS 15.

How to share your screen in FaceTime screen sharing session on iOS 15.1 or later

Please note that older iPhone models do not support screen sharing as these devices are not compatible with iOS 15. Trythis pagefor compatibility.

Before you start sharing what's on your screen via FaceTime, make sure both your device and the device of the person you want to share have iOS 15.1 installed. If one of the devices is not fully up to date, the option to share your screen will not appear.

1. Open FaceTime on your iPhone and start a video call.

2. Go to the home screen, open an app that contains your SharePlay-enabled music or movies, such as Apple Music or Apple TV.

3. Select a song or movie and touch the play button to enjoy together. Other call participants must touch Join SharePlay to access the content.

Part 3: How to fix Facetime screen sharing problem

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting methods, make sure that iOS 15.1 or later software has been installed on the iPhone.

1. Turn off Facetime and turn it back on

Reactivating the FaceTime app is the first option for screen sharing to work.

Go to Settings, tap the toggle switch for FaceTime and turn it off. Then restart your iPhone.

Once back on the home screen, go back to Settings > FaceTime and turn it back on. Reactivation may take a few minutes. Once this is done, start a FaceTime call to see if you can access the SharePlay option or if it is still greyed out.

2. Make sure the app supports SharePlay

You need to verify that the app you want to share is compatible with the SharePlay service. The list of apps that work with SharePlay can be found here:Apps to try with SharePlay

Apple has built SharePlay into Apple Music, Apple TV, and some other third-party apps so you can share music and other media on FaceTime calls. Subscription content requires everyone on your FaceTime call to join the subscription plan.

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3. How to fix FaceTime screen sharing still not working on iOS 15.1 or later

If you're not sharing your screen with FaceTime calls or can't see screen sharing with an iOS 15.1 update, it's likely that there are some bugs related to the update or the update process and not the SharePlay feature itself.

iOS system recoveryThe utility is a quick way to fix problems installing iOS 15 version on iPhone. You can fix software bugs that are causing SharePlay not to work. Once you download iOS 15.1 or later again, you can use the updated FaceTime feature to share your screen. Let's see how the tool works after installation.

Download now!

for windows|for mac OS

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer

After installation, run the program. Select the More Tools option on the left side of the window to continue.

Then select the "iOS System Recovery" tab in the next window. Check your device information before pressing the buttonBeginGusto.

FaceTime SharePlay not working after iOS 15 update? That's how it goes (3)

Step 2: Select the "Standard Mode" option.

There are two modes you can choose to fix your smartphone. "Standard Mode" helps you fix common problems without data loss. If the standard mode does not work, you can switch to "advanced mode". This mode erases all current data on the device and restores it to the original factory settings.

FaceTime SharePlay not working after iOS 15 update? That's how it goes (4)

(Video) Fix SharePlay Not Working in iOS 16 | How To Fix FaceTime SharePlay Not Working

Step 3 Download iOS 15.1 or the latest version

Generally, the software will display the latest version of iOS in its window. Select it and click on it.Descargarbutton next to it.

FaceTime SharePlay not working after iOS 15 update? That's how it goes (5)

Step 4 – Fix the update issue and get SharePlay working again

Once the firmware has finished downloading, clickFixbutton to solve the problem. The process usually takes 5-15 minutes to fix the screen sharing issue and get your iPhone back to normal.

FaceTime SharePlay not working after iOS 15 update? That's how it goes (6)

iOS System Recovery Software Features

iOS System Recovery supports all versions of iOS including iOS 15 and its minor software updates like iOS 15.0.1, iOS15.0.2, iOS 15.1, iOS 15.1.1, iOS15.2, iOS15.2.1, iOS 15.3, iOS15.3. 1, iOS15.4, iOS15.4.1. So if you're having trouble enabling SharePlay, try the above steps yourself.

In addition, the utility fixes black screens, unresponsive buttons, stuck Apple logo, charging issues, update failures, and other unexpected iOS device problems you may encounter and provides quick recovery solutions.

Video Tutorial: How to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iOS

Key to travel!

SharePlay, which is facing a slight delay, is now available in iOS 15.1. Knowing this, you can understand why you can't share your screen with everyone else in a FaceTime call.

Hope Screen Sharing is now available to watch videos and listen to music together via FaceTime on iPhone. Enjoy!

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