How to Remotely Control an Android Phone with Kali Linux and Metasploit – Systran Box (2023)

Kali Linux is a powerful open-source operating system that offers users a wide range of security and hacking tools. One of the most popular Kali tools is Metasploit, which allows users to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and devices.
In this article we will show you how to control a remotelyAndroid Phonewith Kali Linux and Metasploit. We show how to install Metasploit on Kali Linux and how to use it to control an Android phone.

Penetration testing is a method of determining whether a computer is open. Kali is primarily used for cryptographic and digital forensic purposes. Kali was modified for use inAndroid devices, which is a significant step up from Ubuntu, where it was originally created. The APK file contains the backdoor exploit targeting Android phones. Kali Linux includes various tools for penetration testing, monitoring, and threat detection. Kali Linux and other open source operating systems are popular with hackers. More than 50 protocols are attacked in program dictionary attacks. Users can complete their daily tasks with Kali on the go.

By touching the phone's name, you can select three options: Control, Camera, and Screen Mirroring. The ability to control the other device allows you to control it with full remote control. You can swipe up and down, open apps and type whatever you want on the same phone.

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Can an Android phone be controlled remotely?

How to Remotely Control an Android Phone with Kali Linux and Metasploit – Systran Box (1)Credit: Tom's Guide

The remote control feature in Personal is a great way to control Android devices. It's not even a matter of walking distance from youAndroid device. With the remote control feature, you can: keep your computer screen in focus, make your workspace more productive, and simplify your tasks.

A remote Android phone can be accessed in two ways. The first method is through a computer. There is also a method to use another Android device. It is the most effective software to keep tabs on your kids and it is one of the best parental control tools available today. ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring app that allows you to remotely control an Android device from your PC, laptop or projector. Vysor makes it easy to mirror your Android phone to your desktop without having to install the presentation itself. Scrcpy is an anonymous method of accessing Android phones that you shouldn't use.

You can control your Android device as long as it is connected via USB or an open wireless network. All you need to do is have an Android device with version 5.0 or higher and Adobe Debugging on it. Another method to control Android devices is to use another mobile phone. The Screen Share app allows you to remotely control your device and share your screen with others. They can start a voice chat or draw on the screen once connected and can be helped if they have a problem with their phone. Bluetooth can be used to connect phones in seconds.

How can I control my Android phone from Linux?

It's a free, open-source app that displays and controls Android devices over USB (or wirelessly, but with limited performance) from a Linux, Windows, or macOS desktop computer. Requires at least Android 5.0 on an Android device and adb debugging enabled. Root access is not required.

A remote control can be used with a remote control that can be controlled via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. However, you can control your Andbox remotely using a PC. Only Webkey, a program from FOSS, offers this function. There are numerous commercial and/or free apps for beer. By installing a VNC client, you can control a remote graphical session from your Andbox. AndroidVNC, also known as F-Droid, is a GPL-based client available for free. I encountered some problems with Android Xserver, but XSDL didn't give me any problems.

How can I remotely control my Android phone from another device without permission?

There are many ways to remotely control your Android phone from another device without permission. You can use a remote control app like AirDroid to control your phone remotely from another Android device or computer. You can also use a remote control app to remotely access files on your phone, e.g. E.g. photos and videos.

You can control an Android device from another device in a number of ways. There are several methods of controlling an Android tablet remotely, including using a remote control app or using a wireless network connection. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem as the best way to control a mobile device depends on the make and model of the phone. Android gives you a variety of options to control your device. To do this, you can use the touch screen, voice commands, and application shortcuts. You can use your voice to control a variety of smart devices, including the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Siri Remote. What are the ways to hack your phone? There is no simple answer to this question.

How to remotely control an Android device

Some things you need to do to remote control someone's device. In order to use TeamViewer, it must be installed on your computer.
TeamViewer QuickSupport generates a unique Android device code that can be used to connect to the service.
To grant full control over your Android device, enable all its permissions.
Your Android device must be connected to your computer.
You can now sign in with TeamViewer on your Android device.
Select the controls in the top left corner of thesession windowand then select the Actions tab.
The Device button is located in the Actions window.
In the device window you can see a list of all devices linked to TeamViewer. You can choose the device you want to control it from.
In the Actions window, click the Actions button again, and then click the Start button.
Once the commands have been entered, your Android device will begin processing.

Kali Linux Commands for Android

Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It is operated by Offensive Security Ltd. maintained and funded. The first public release was on March 13, 2013.
Kali Linux comes preinstalled with over 300 penetration testing programs including Armitage (a graphical cyber attack management tool), Nmap (a port scanner), Wireshark (a packet analyzer), John the Ripper (a password cracker), Aircrack -ng (a software package for WiFi penetration testing), Burp suite and OWASP ZAP security scanner for web applications. Kali Linux can run natively when installed on a computer's hard drive, boot from a live CD or live USB, or run in a virtual machine. It is a platform powered by the Metasploit Project's Metasploit Framework, a tool for developing and executing security exploits.

How to connect an Android phone to Kali Linux via USB

To connect an Android phone to Kali Linux using a USB cable, you need to install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your Kali Linux system. Once ADB is installed, you can use the following command to connect your Android phone to Kali Linux:
connect adb
Wois the IP address or hostname of your Android phone.

To pair your Ubuntu box with a pair, select the Ubuntu name and tap the big blue button next to it to request pairing. To use the KDE Connect app, you need an Android device. It's the same LAN that connects an Android tablet to a Wi-Fi equipped laptop. Data transfer between both devices is easy. If your Android device shows up in the phone name field of your Linux distribution, you can right click on it and transfer the file to it. Thanks to support for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java applications can be found on Android. NetHunter is a free, open-source penetration testing tool for Android devices.

Metasploit and Android

Android Metasploit is an open source penetration testing platform for Android devices. It can be used to test the security of Android devices and applications. Android Metasploit has a variety of features that make it a powerful penetration testing tool.

As of version 6, the Metasploit Framework now has 4,280 different modules. The Android platform will benefit from 52 modules directly compatible with the Android OS or Dalvik architecture. A detailed description of each module can be found by clicking on it. The 52 modules of Metasploit for Android are provided in interactive tables (spreadsheets) in this section. The search function can also be used to quickly filter the relevant modules and sort the columns according to the columns you are looking for. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest developments, please subscribe to my mailing list and follow InfosecMatter on Twitter and Facebook.

How to use Metasploit to hack an Android device

Will Metasploit run on Android?
Metasploit can be used to hack almost any operating system, including Android mobile devices. Malicious software can be created. Once the APK file is installed, it's practically impossible to remove the target from your text messages, contacts, or webcam.
What is the best payload for Android?
An Android Metasploit payload can be used to achieve a variety of goals. For example, Meterpreter, Android Reverse TCP Stager payload/device/meterpreter/reverse_tcp10173 can be used to gain access to a target's device. Similarly, Android Meterpreter Shell, Reverse TCP Inline Payload/Device/Meter
How to hack Metasploit?
As a result, Metasploit is used by everyone working in the DevSecOps space, regardless of experience level. It is beneficial for anyone who needs a reliable and easy-to-use tool that runs on any platform and is easy to install and maintain.
How can I access my Android phone remotely?
When you run the SOS app on your Android device (or your customer's Android device), the session code you entered will appear on the screen, allowing you to view the device remotely. When you enable remote access on Android 8.0 or higher, it is automatically enabled by your device.


How can I remotely control my Android phone from another device without permission? ›

Text Guide
  1. To begin, install TeamViewer QuickSupport app on the remote Android phone.
  2. After installation, you'll get the device ID on the start screen of the app. ...
  3. Now, install TeamViewer on your own Android phone, launch it and enter the partner ID. ...
  4. Now, you can control your Android from the host device.
Dec 13, 2022

Can we exploit Android using Metasploit? ›

The world's most widely used hacking/pentesting platform, Metasploit has capabilities to exploit just about any system including Android mobile devices. We can create a malicious . apk file and when the target installs the app, we can get almost totally unfettered access to their text messages, contacts and web cams!

How can I remotely control someones Android phone? ›

How to remotely view Android tablet and Android phone screens
  1. Get Splashtop SOS. ...
  2. Download the SOS app on the device that you want to view or control. ...
  3. Enter the code in your Splashtop Business app and start remote viewing the Android screen. ...
  4. Using the Viewing Controls. ...
  5. Disconnecting the Session.
Feb 1, 2023

How can I access my Android phone from Linux? ›

Installing KDE Connect
  1. Install KDE Connect on Android. As far as Android is concerned, you need to install the KDE Connect app from the Google Play Store. ...
  2. Open the mobile app. After the installation completes, locate and tap the KDE Connect entry in the Android App Drawer.
  3. Connect to the same network. ...
  4. Connect your devices.
Jul 14, 2022

Can you control someone elses phone from your phone? ›

As long as you have permission to do it, all you need to know is how to control someone else's phone remotely, and you're set. If you have an Android phone, you can use the AirDroid Personal app to control your device from another Android phone or your computer.

Is it possible for someone to remotely access my phone? ›

Yes, unfortunately, people can access and even control your phone remotely. There are plenty of spyware apps and bugs that let people hack into your phone without you even knowing about it. It's usually through certain links or credentials that hackers do this.

Can we hack wifi with Metasploit? ›

The simple answer is that by utilizing specific tactics and tools, you could hack Wi-Fi passwords in Metasploit. Anyone inside the router's broadcast radius can connect to a wireless network.

How do hackers use Metasploit? ›

The Metasploit framework is a very powerful tool which can be used by cybercriminals as well as ethical hackers to probe systematic vulnerabilities on networks and servers. Because it's an open-source framework, it can be easily customized and used with most operating systems.

Can Metasploit crack passwords? ›

Metasploit currently support cracking passwords with John the Ripper and hashcat.

Can I remotely control an Android phone with TeamViewer? ›

TeamViewer apps are simple, fast and flexible, and they allow you to remote control Android devices, computers and servers.

How can I control my mobile using AnyDesk? ›

All you need to do is download AnyDesk and follow this step-by-step tutorial!
  1. Download AnyDesk. You can find the AnyDesk Android App in the Google Play Store. ...
  2. Disable Permissions. Remote desktop software is for more than just screen sharing. ...
  3. Start Screen Sharing via Android. ...
  4. End the Session.

How do I access system on Android phone? ›

  1. Tap the search bar.
  2. Type in es file explorer.
  3. Tap ES File Explorer File Manager in the resulting drop-down menu.
  4. Tap INSTALL.
  5. Tap ACCEPT when prompted.
  6. Select your Android's internal storage if prompted. Do not install ES File Explorer on your SD card.
Oct 25, 2022

How do I mirror my phone on Linux? ›

5 How to Screen Mirror to Linux from Android Phone?
  1. Screen Cast. We'll use a free app called Screen Cast to wirelessly cast your Android screen to a Linux desktop. ...
  2. TeamViewer. Teamviewer is one of the best screen mirroring app that also allows you to screen mirror on Windows, Mac and Linux also. ...
  3. ApowerMirror. ...
  4. Anydesk.
Oct 20, 2022

How can I remotely access my Linux operating system? ›

Connect to Linux Remotely Using SSH in PuTTY
  1. Select Session > Host Name.
  2. Input the Linux computer's network name, or enter the IP address you noted earlier.
  3. Select SSH, then Open.
  4. When prompted to accept the certificate for the connection, do so.
  5. Enter the username and password to sign in to your Linux device.

Can someone spy on your phone without having your phone? ›

There is a way someone can monitor your mobile phone without ever touching the actual device. Spyware (a portmanteau of 'spying software) and stalkerware can be installed on a phone without the owner's knowledge, allowing an attacker to steal information, track activity, and more.

How to access Android phone from another Android phone without knowing? ›

How to Remotely Access Android Phone Without Knowing 2022
  1. Access Android Phone via MoniMaster Android Monitoring.
  2. Control Android Phone From Windows 10.
  3. Access Android Phone by AirDroid.
  4. Access Android Phone by TeamViewer.
Nov 21, 2022

Can someone hack your phone through text? ›

One way that hackers are able to access your phone is to get you to click on infected links in text messages and emails. However, that's not always necessary.

What are the signs someone has access to my phone? ›

One or more of these could be a red flag that some has breached your phone:
  • Your phone loses charge quickly. ...
  • Your phone runs abnormally slowly. ...
  • You notice strange activity on your other online accounts. ...
  • You notice unfamiliar calls or texts in your logs.

Can hackers access Wi-Fi remotely? ›

Yes, hackers can access your router and Wi-Fi remotely, especially if you have either of the following: Remote management is enabled in your router's settings. A weak router password that can be easily guessed.

What can you exploit with Metasploit? ›

Exploits include buffer overflow, code injection, and web application exploits. Metasploit Pro offers automated exploits and manual exploits.

Can Metasploit be tracked? ›

From the Statistics tab, you can track the following data: The total number of hosts that have been scanned or imported. The total number of unique vulnerabilities that have been identified. The total number of exploit modules that match Nexpose vulnerabilities.

Is Metasploit a keylogger? ›

The Metasploit Javascript Keylogger sets up a HTTP/HTTPS listener which serves the Javascript keylogger code and captures the keystrokes over the network.

What is better than Metasploit? ›

Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to Metasploit include security. We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Metasploit, including Acunetix by Invicti, Core Impact, Invicti (formerly Netsparker), and SQLmap.

What methods do hackers use to hack? ›

Besides social engineering and malvertising, common hacking techniques include:
  • Botnets.
  • Browser hijacks.
  • Denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Ransomware.
  • Rootkits.
  • Trojans.
  • Viruses.
  • Worms.

Which password Cannot be hacked? ›

7 simple steps to create a hack-proof password

Select a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols for your passwords. Never use common passwords like “123456,” “password,” or “qwerty.” Make sure your passwords are at least eight characters long.

What method would a hacker use to break a password? ›

Brute Force Attack

Brute force means hackers use commonly known and used passwords to try and crack into your account. One such brute attack is a dictionary attack where hackers use a dictionary and test all of the words.

How do hackers access passwords? ›

Keylogger programs enable hackers to spy on you, as the malware captures everything you type. Once inside, the malware can explore your computer and record keystrokes to steal passwords. When they get enough information, hackers can access your accounts, including your email, social media, and online banking.

What is the difference between TeamViewer QuickSupport and Remote Control? ›

The main difference is how you connect; the QuickSupport app requires confirmation of access from the remote user; the Host app allows for unattended access. The Host app only allows for connections from the account the device is assigned to.

How can I control my mobile from another mobile using TeamViewer? ›

Quick guide:
  1. Install this app.
  2. On the device you want to connect to, download TeamViewer QuickSupport.
  3. Enter the ID from the QuickSupport app into the ID field and connect.

Can I use AnyDesk to control Android? ›

Not only does AnyDesk enable you to access devices with different operating systems, but it also allows you to control them remotely as if you were in front of them – even with Android devices.

How can I control my mobile remotely? ›

One can download the TeamViewer app, which is good enough to manage an Android device remotely. In addition, people can download the Any Desk app for a better experience in the remote desktop space on Android. This app can be used when you want to access your computer from a smartphone remotely.

Is there any app for mobile like AnyDesk? ›

AirDroid is a personal-use tool for a home office, but AirDroid Business is also an option. It allows businesses to remotely control Android devices.

Can you control an Android device from another Android device? ›

Remote Control your own Android devices from another Android

Install the AirDroid client on the Android phone that needs to be controlled (click here to download, or search AirDroid in the Play Store), and register an AirDroid account.

How can I access my Android phone from another Android phone without rooting? ›

How to run Non-Root setup to remote control Android Phone with AirDroid Personal?
  1. Download and Install AirDroid Personal Desktop Client. ...
  2. Turn on USB debugging on the Android device. ...
  3. Connect the Android device via a USB cable.
Feb 14, 2023


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