Read Dark Side of Fate Chapter 58 (2023)

The Dark Side of Fate by Karima Sa'ad Usman Chapter 58

58 It's about David


Stephanie didn't look well. Her eyes were swollen and her hands were shaking. It was clear that she was crying.

I wanted to ignore her but I couldn't. I knew Sylvester wouldn't, so I decided to show some concern.

"He's fine?" I asked and she looked at me and shook her head.

"I'm not Tamia. Everything falls apart. Dominic doesn't leave his

Living room. He said he felt like a nobody. You

I tried to talk him out of it, but he's too embarrassed to interfere,” he said, and I nodded.

“You have to give him time, Stephanie. He had a near death experience. yes brice

If I hadn't confessed, I could be dead by now. She will need time to recover,” I said, and she hugged me and started to cry.

I did not know what to say. As soon

he hugged her back and patted her back.

“You have to take it easy, Stephanie. You can't cry. You have to find them

Things and people that make you happy

and try to surround him with it,” I told him.

he said and she sighed and leaned forward.

She looked at me and studied me.

"Soon you will be the lady of the north,

chipmunks; There are things I must tell you. Things I swore I would take to my grave but suspect are part of the reason they happen to my kids," she said, and I was surprised that she was willing to do that.

Trust me your secret.

"Are you sure you want to tell me?" You

he asked her and she nodded.

"Soon you will be Luna and rule at her side. You already do, and unlike me, your alpha loves you and gives you freedom. You take part in the council

discuss and advise. None of this was allowed to me in my time. You give hope to the women of the north, Tamia. she said

and sighed.

"There are things I need to tell him.

through the Volkov bloodline. You need

Know that a Volkov is growing in you. You need to know the truth about Maurice and our children..." he said, and I thought about what Jake had said.

told me.

Did he plan to tell me the truth, or did he plan to deceive me as he could have deceived his children?

"Does it have anything to do with what's going on?" I asked and she stopped and looked at me. she thought

What can I say, he assessed me and I wasn't mad at all.

"I could," he admitted, and I looked

(Video) Diaries of a Madman - Chapter 58 - Life as a human in pony land is always busy

they are.

"I'll meet you in your room in a few

Protocol. I want to see how Avery is doing. The hallway isn't as safe as we think; We may have spies lurking in the place

"I hooked her up and she waved at me.

I still can't get Lily's phone out

Conversation. I couldn't get rid of him

fact that he knew she wasn't supposed to have a phone. I couldn't get it out of me. Something was wrong and I wanted to find out.

Stephanie walked past me to her room as I went to the Beta wing to check on Avery. I would have examined Linda too, but I knew that she and Marcel

went on a date. two

I got to Avery's door and knocked.

"It's open," I heard Avery say and went inside. I saw my friend sitting on a sofa and working on an embroidery. I looked at the leaf design she was weaving into the fabric and noticed that her skills had improved,

but she still damaged the fabric.

You and Sylvester got lost


and i shook my head and sat down

they are.

You feel?"

She said,

and left their supposed work of art, which was more of a collective and honest attempt

in being creative.

for how much

Michelle came into our lives, yes

dream. Now

I started trying before

we came together,” she

head is


I'm still waiting in line, Tamia. I waited in line with Max and I think that's why Michelle

I moved closer


it will happen to you too,” I said, rubbing her back.

he asked and I sighed.

is wrong and whether it can be corrected. that's what i

pulled out of the hug and stared

she said and

my brother.



he said and I remembered myself


don't be on me

marcelo Would be better

she shook

I don't want Marcelo. What if something is wrong with me? he will do it

in your

Let me take you to the hospital.

and i decided to leave because i

it might have looked a bit silly. what stephanie wanted

She meant business so putting her on hold was wrong but she knew whatever she wanted

My friend I wanted

the way before


don't listen to me

do this often. Lily was there

I give you


like Stephanie

enter, Tamia; I know it's you,' he said, and I went inside.

did what she said

die Couch rein

with her and she smiled

take care of her

open for

Possibilities: e.g

as soon

you to be honest. How did I

I thought of answering her

I had to do this or that

will not progress

eastern alpha leader; I had nowhere to go and nobody wanted me. I couldnt go

I gave myself as a tribute to leave Leo. we would have submitted

to be a family. There was no room for me, I said, and she looked

worried but smiled

I'm happy," I said, putting my hand on my stomach. “I have found love in the north and in everything.

and she smiled.

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If I were New Years Eve, you really wouldn't have a seat

a step above Leo,

one step ahead

case you will be

you want to

be impossible. Society will not allow it

will not allow this. there is something



call you

What he didn't know was that his father had a destiny.

don't pretend

me his version


Maurice is sworn to secrecy. Her name was Alissa Pavlishchev and

people on the board

her," she said.

me with all my heart

I never met her

Just as Sylvester is with you, my husband was with me. Maybe not quite, but you get the point,” she said, her eyes filling with tears.

"I loved Maurice with all my heart and thought our life was a bed of roses, but I was

incorrect. He met Alissa and took her home

Lover. My family and the Council did

don't let him claim her for that

to insult me, so he slept with her and made me endure unimaginable pain. Nor was the woman a saint. she never

they are. It's not voluntary, it's intentional. NO

a lover would be predestined. She

They see us taking their place, so they would do anything to fully replace us and not

Share your partner.

She conspired against me and manipulated my husband.

It was she who got him started

war frenzy. When my family and part of

The board gave way, Maurice moved

remove her to make her mistress and

your moon; I had lost hope. I had

Dominic then, and he wasn't an alpha then

I knew my days with Maurice were numbered. I left when she got pregnant

(Video) The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene (Detailed Summary)

farm and came home with me

Sunday. Maurice didn't come see me. He

I adored and loved her, but never

claims. The woman was so bad

that her people refused to come and work on the farm to help her. If you think I'm lying, you can investigate. Why

This forced me to go back and be Maurice

your midwife. I was abused &

abused. He hit me for her.

and his lies, and he never ran out of lies.

I was tired. If I were a lesser alpha I could run, but who would challenge the wolf lord for me? I knew I couldn't go until he let me go. two

The goddess took pity on me and died giving birth to her son. Mauricio lost his mind. First she said I poisoned her and

He locked me in a cell, but that was it

discovers that she died from a dangerous case of preeclampsia. They released me and asked me to take care of the child, but I refused. he said

Maurice wouldn't touch his bastard

because that was the boy.

So Maurice felt guilty for arresting me

he didn't try to force me to take care of it

Young. She soon discovered all the lies she was telling

talk about mine. When the boy was a year old, Maurice discovered he had an alpha wolf,

So he sent him to Grizlo in the north to be

cared for by a small family. I was pregnant with Sylvester at the time, but it just wasn't the same. Despite

Mauritius loved me; the loss of his mate devastated him and he found himself

attracted to western women looking

like her, so she began actively keeping a harem. He conquered all of the West for other reasons, but he took his wives so he could temporarily replace Alissa. I handled it well, I had Sylvester, and when Maurice found out Sylvester was an alpha, his love for me grew and Alissa and her son melted," she says and I watch

“This boy's name is David Pavlishchev. Maurice did not give his last name.

because he was a bastard. She

completed and I was shocked.

"That bastard was the reason I left here, Tamia.

I went to see if I could find out anything about her

Stay because he was the one

I wanted to kill my children. He's the only one who has anything to gain from this. Dominic and Sylvester don't

knows of its existence. I said Dominic

yesterday he didn't take it well. That's why I'm telling you this so you can help me tell Sylvester. We have to find David.

and make sure he's not behind all of this. Yes

it has no proof; I'm just speculating, but I know you're good at investigating. I need you to make one for me and find out," he said, but I was very

stunned to answer.


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