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If you are having a girl or preparing names for your child, regardless of gender, it can be a difficult task to sift through all the options as there are thousands of names! To help you choose, we've rounded up our top 70 picks for girl names that begin with the letterB. If you just love the letterBShe wants to hold on to one thingBtheme, or you're just looking for inspiration, our list can help you narrow down your girl name choices.

PopularBnames for girls

choose a fashionnames for your babyhas some advantages. He will carry a name of his time and fit in well with his generation. Fortunately, these trendy names just keep getting cuter! Below are the most popularBNames for girls in the United States according to the latest statistics.

1.brooklyn. Of everythingBBaby names, this one is the most popular. It's a modern English name that suits both girls and boys, although the spelling 'Brooklynn' is a bit more feminine. Coming from the New York neighborhood that takes its name from the Dutch swamp town of Breukelen, Brooklyn means "swampy land".

2.Bela. Bella is just not very popularBName for girls, but it's also pretty cute as it means 'beautiful'. Bella is a great nickname if you are naming your baby Isabella.

3.Brielle. Although Brielle (or Briella) is a name in its own right, it is also an abbreviation of Gabrielle or Gabriella. Gabrielle is the feminine form of the name Gabriel, a Hebrew name meaning 'God is a strong man'.

4.Briana. A classic that never seems to age, Brianna first appeared on the scene in the 1970s - actually the feminine form of the name Brian, derived from the Celtic word for 'hill' or 'highly noble'. Brian and Brianna would be a cute couple totwin names!

5.bluish. Although this is a modern and very popular name in the United States, Blakely actually comes from Old English words.ShadesjLea, which together mean "forest clearing".

6.outer wall. Bailey is a classic and currently the sixth most popular female nameBin the United States. It is a gender-neutral name, although it has been more commonly used for girls since the 1980s. It is an occupational name, derived from the Middle English wordelevation, which means "bailiff".

7.morena. This popular name combines the names Bryn and Lee. Bryn means 'hill' or 'hill' in Welsh, while lee means 'clearing'. A variant spelling of the name is Brinley, a popular surname for residents of the English town of the same name.

8.Blake. Though Blake more often than notBoy names starting with B, has recently gained popularity as a girl's name. In fact, he was almost even more popular with girls in 2020! Blake is an Old English surname, meaning 'black' or 'pale'. You can associate him with actresses Blake Lively and Blake Lindsley.

9.Brooke. The popular female name starts withBand is simply a variant of Brook. However, this spelling has been used by many well-known women, including socialite Brooke Astor and actress Brooke Shields. Not surprisingly, Brook was a common surname given to someone who lived near a creek.

10Bruno. A variant of Bryn, Brynn is a unisex name meaning 'hill' or 'hill' in Welsh. although it is popularBName that can be used for both boys and girls, spelled with twonortes is more common for female names.


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Cute girl names starting withB

There are endless possibilities for cute and adorable girl names starting withB. It was hard to choose, but we narrowed it down to the 10 names below. these cutiesBFemale names include vintage, classic, short, and unique options.

11you drink. Short, sweet, and sweet, Babs can stand on her own two feet, but she's also a nickname for Barbara. Derived from the Greek nameparallelBarbara means "foreigner". Santa Bárbara is the patron saint of architects, geologists and masons.

12bambi. To another favorite cute girl name starting withB, Bambi means "girl" and comes from the Italian wordidiot. In the popular children's fairy tale, Bambi was a deer boy.

13to improve. Bess is a really cute girl name, especially if you want a nickname that starts withB. Bess is actually short for Elizabeth, which means "My God is my oath" in Hebrew.

14Biddi. Another adorable female nickname that starts withB, Biddy is short for Bridget, an Irish name meaning 'lofty'. In Irish MythologyPonteShe was the goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom.

15.Vogel. Birdie is the perfect name if you want a cute diminutive of an older name. Birdie is short for Bernice and Bertha, whose respective meanings are 'bring victory' and 'brilliant, famous'.

sixteen.flourishing. Although Blossom was the title and main character of a popular 1990s sitcom, the name comes from the Old English wordbloom, which obviously means "flower". The name did not come into regular use until the 19th century.

17Bree. One of the cutest girl names starting with a B, Bree is the English name from the Irish Brígh (pronounced the same) meaning 'high power'. You can also adopt it as a nickname for Brianna or Gabriella. Brianna comes from the name Brian which means "high, noble", while Gabriella comes from Gabriel which means "God is strong".

18Britt. It's easy to assume that Britt is short for Britney, but it actually comes from the Scandinavian name Birgitta, derived from Bridget. As you remember above, Bridget means "sublime". Fun fact: Bridget of Sweden was the patroness of Europe.

19leukocytes. Another cute girl name starting withB, Buffy enjoyed a brief rise in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, although it is now associated with the television showBuffy the Vampire Slayer, is another diminutive of Elizabeth, so it means "God is my oath".

20small rabbit. As you may have noticed, many female names begin withBThey are shortened versions of longer or old-fashioned names. Bunny, for example, is short for Bernice, like the name Birdie. Berenice means "to bring victory".

Choosing a baby's name can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Watch this video to learn some interesting facts that will help you find the perfect name for your baby!

out of dateBnames for girls

even if someold fashioned nicknamesgo into other categories on this list, we found 10 names starting withBthat give us all these old lady vibes. Old-fashioned names are great options if you wantName your baby after a family member. Also, they seem to continue to gain in popularity.

21Babette. As mentioned above, there are many female names that begin withBare the diminutives or variants of other names. Babette may be short for Elizabeth or Barbara. Elizabeth means "God is my oath", while Barbara comes from the Greek name meaning "stranger".

22Belinda. In addition to being a vintage choice, Belinda is also a sweet and gentle name. Many believe it is a combination of the Italian wordBela(means "beautiful") and the Germanic wordlinda(means "soft, soft").

23berenice. The name Berenice is a shortened form of Berenice. It means "bring victory" and is a good choice for ainternational name.

24Bernadette. Like the French female version of the name Bernard, Bernadette means 'bear' and 'brave'. It's one of the cutest old lady names, starting withB, according to our opinion!

25branco. Under girl names starting withBThis one has a decidedly old-fashioned feel. Blanche was originally a medieval French nickname meaning "white, bright". You may remember the character Blanche DuBois from the famous play and filmlonging for the final station.

26Blythe. This rare unisex name comes from Old English and means "cheerful". It's a great choice for boys or girls.

27braided. Another rare English name, Braidy is a variant of the more common spelling Brady. It's an Irish surnamede Brady, which comes from the name Brádach, which means "big chest".

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28Ponte. From the list of cute girl names starting withBWe already know that Bridget is an Irish name meaning 'lofty'. St Bridget is the patron saint of Ireland, and this name might be a good choice if you are of Irish descent.

29Great Britain. This name is quite old-fashioned, coming from the Latin word for the British Isles. It first appeared as a first name in the 18th century. If you've ever seen British coins, you may recognize Britannia as the Roman female figure that adorns some coins.

30bronte. A rare unisex name, Bronte derives from the Irish surnameSince Preintig. The Irish name Proinnteach means 'gift giver' in Gaelic. You might associate this name with 19th-century novelists Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë.

Unique girl names starting withB

Sometimes you just want a name that stands out from the crowd, and in that case, you need some unique girl name options starting with B! Some on our list certainly areunique baby names, while others might remind you of those old-fashioned titles above.

31Bia. Girl names starting withB, Bea is a short name that would make a great additionmiddle name. Although found throughout Europe, it is an English and Hungarian name, short for Beatrix and Beata, respectively. Beatriz means "traveller, traveller" and Beata means "blessed".

32.bee. The name Bee is another shortened form of Beatrix, coming from the late Latin nameviator, which means "traveler, traveler". In the 19th century, the spelling changed to Beatrice, although Beatrix Potter (the creator of Peter Rabbit) and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands retained the original spelling.

33.Bellamy. This name certainly deserves a spot on the list of unique female names starting withB. Combine words in Old Frenchbeljfreundto mean "beautiful friend".

34.blessing. Although Blessing is of Old English origin (meaning blessing, of course), the name is much more common in Nigeria and Zimbabwe. In the United States, it was used briefly for girls' names beginning with the letterBem 2019.

35.Braelyn. This name is a modern English name, so its meaning is unknown. Contains the common suffixLyn, which is the Welsh word for "lake".

36.Bren. While one could argue that Brenna isn't all that unusual or even unique, it comes from two names that aren't used very often. Brenna is a variant of Brenda and the female version of Brennan. Brenda means "sword" and Brennan means "rain".

37.bria. You can use Bria as a single short form of any name withBrihim, like Gabriella or Brianna. Gabriella comes from the name Gabriel, which means "God is strong". Brianna comes from the name Brian, which means "hill".

38.Briony. Briony is a rare English name that enjoyed a small spike in popularity in England and Wales in the 1990s. It is a variant of Bryony, the name of a vine used as a medicine. Comes from the Greek wordVerve, which means "to swell".

39.Bristol. This name comes straight from the city of Bristol in southwest England. It means "the place of the bridge".

40Burgundy. Another place name, Burgundy, comes from the region of France famous for its red wine.

BiblicalBletter names for girls

biblical namesThey offer a good mix of original and vintage. Girl names starting withB, these bible options are rare with beautiful sounds and unique meanings.

41.bashmath. This ancient Hebrew name means "smell" and is pronounced BASH-a-meth. Bashemath is one of Esau's wives in the Old Testament.

42.Bate-Seba. Bathsheba, which means "daughter of oath" in Hebrew, was Solomon's mother. It is pronounced Bath-SHEE-ba.

43.beulah. Pronounced BYOO-leh, this name means "married" in Hebrew. It is used in the Old Testament to refer to the land of Israel.

44.looking for. Another ancient Hebrew name, Bilhah, is pronounced BILL-ha, meaning 'shy'. In the Old Testament, Bilhah is the servant of Jacob and Rachel and the mother of Dan and Naphtali.

45.Chunk. Bithiah means "daughter of Yahweh", the Hebrew god, and is pronounced BITH-ee-a. In the Old Testament, Bithia is the daughter of the pharaoh who took Moses out of the Nile.

Classic girl names that start withB

Classic names are the ones that have staying power. A true classic never seems to go out of style and is a staple that will last for centuries and generations.

46.parallel. You'll probably know a Barbara from almost every generation, because she's a true classic. And as you've read above, there are lots of fun nicknames and variant spellings for Barbara, like Babs, Babette, and Barbra, as in the one and only Barbra Streisand. Barbara comes from the Greek nameparallelwhich means "foreigner".

47.good. Becca comes from the classic name Rebecca and has several variants, such as Becky, Beckah and Reba. It has withstood the test of time in the United States, with multiple peaks over the decades. It comes from a Hebrew word meaning "bind" or "bind".

48.Bett. The name Beth can come from Elizabeth or Bethany, both classic girl names starting with the letterB. Elizabeth means "my god is an oath" and Bethany means "house of figs". Because Elizabeth has so many variants and diminutives around the world, it's a great choice for a girl's middle name, starting withB.

49.betsy. Betsy is another diminutive of Elizabeth. Despite starting with ami, Elizabeth has proven to be a gold mine for female namesB! And again, Elizabeth means "my god is an oath". Famous Betsy's include Betsy Ross who, legend has it, helped design and manufacture the first flag of the United States.

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50Betty. This list is turning to names derived from Elizabeth because we have another one! Betty is also a diminutive of Elizabeth, so it means "my god is an oath". A well-known bearer of the name was Betty White, a comic actress who portrayed Rosethe golden girls.

51.Beverly. Although it is much more common as a girl's name, starting withB, Beverly was initially a boy's name. It's an English town surname, meaning "beaver stream".

52.bonnie. Bonnie looks like a nickname, but it's a real name. from the Scottish wordwhy not, means "beautiful". It grew in popularity after the movie.blown by the windhe was; In the story, Bonnie was the daughter of Scarlett and Rhett.

53.Brenda. This is the female version of two male names, the Old Norse namebrandand the Irish name Brendan. The former means "sword", while the latter means "prince".

54.Britney. The name Britney, a variant of Brittany, comes from the northwest region of France. It was used as a first name in the United States in the 1970s and then saw a dramatic rise in popularity, becoming one of the top three female names of all time! It peaked again in the late 1990s, thanks in part to pop star Britney Spears.

InternationalBletter names for girls

Maybe you want to honor your heritage, culture or language with a non-English name. We've collected language names from around the world to give you more inspiration in your search for girl names starting with the letter.B.

55.bay. Pronounced ba-HEE-jah, this Arabic name simply means "happy," so it's perfect for a boy!

56.bala. This Hindu name means 'young woman' in Sanskrit, so it's perfect for a cute girl or boy. Bala was a Hindu goddess.

57.Baran. Baran, which means 'rain', is a popular name for Persian girls. However, it is more common as a boy's name in Kurdish and Turkish.

58.beat. You can find Beata in many European cultures, but mostly in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. It is pronounced bay-AH-ta and comes from the Latin wordfeliz, which means "blessed". Remember that Bea is a common nickname for the Hungarian version of Beáta.

59.Beileag. Pronounced BYE-lee, this name is the Scottish form of Elizabeth, which, as you've guessed, is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "my god is an oath." You'll meet many important Isabels throughout history, including two Spanish queens. Isabel is more common than Elizabeth in Spain, Portugal and France.

60Bethlehem. This ancient name comes from Spain and is the Spanish word for Bethlehem, the city where King David and Jesus were born. It is pronounced Sino-EHN and means “house of bread” in Hebrew.

61.raspberry. This Old French name, pronounced ben-OYNT, is the feminine version of Benedict, which means blessed.

62.Bianca. If you like the name Blanche for girls names starting withBbut want something that feels less dated, consider Bianca. It is the Italian and Romanian version of Blanche, although you will find this name in several other European cultures. Shakespeare used the name Bianca in two of his plays and it means "beautiful, white".

63.bibiana. Pronounced BEE-bya-na, this Spanish-Italian name has deep roots. Comes from the late Roman nameVivian, derived from the Latinvivaciouswhich means "alive". Santa Bibiana (also known as Viviana) was a fourth-century martyr.

64.bloom. You can probably guess what that name means in Yiddish (pronounced BLOO-mah). That's right, it means "flower", as in a flower in bloom. In Wu Chinese, the name Bo (波) is pronounced like the "prow" of a ship, meaning "wave".

66.golden button. The Hungarian name Boglárka has one of the cutest nicknames for girls: Bogi (pronounced BO-gee). It also has a really cute meaning like 'rooster flower' or 'ornament'.

67.Simply. If you want to name your baby boy with a meaning that does him justice, try the South African name Bonolo, which means 'ease' in Sotho. With any luck it will be an easy baby! It's pronounced BAHN-oh-lo, so you might even go by Bonnie's nickname.

68.Bora. Girl names starting withBThis comes from two places. In Albania, the name means "snow". However, it is also a Korean name (보라) and means “purple”.

69.Briallen. This tops the charts for cute and unique girl names with the letterB. It's Welsh for "primrose" and there are a few pronunciation options. You can pronounce briallen as bree-A-lin, BRAY-lin, or more traditionally as bree-A-shehn.

70.Meaning. We've already covered this meaning with the name Bree above, but you could also use the traditional Irish spelling of Brígh. It means "high performance".

the end result

With so many names, it can seem daunting to choose just one (or two as a middle name) for your baby. We're excited about our list of the best girl names starting with the letterBhelps narrow down your choices! If you need more inspiration, save the alphabet.girl names starting with the letter cjFlower-inspired girl names, and much more!

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