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Is it a family tradition that your daughter's name begins with the letter G? Or do you just love the sound of the letter, whether it's the tight sound of Nordic names, the smooth, lyrical soundGRAMSin Italian names, or with the beautiful Hebrew namesGRAMS? We have compiled the most popular, the most beautiful, the cutest, the unique and even unisex and biblical ones.GRAMSnames for girls

Popular girl names starting withGRAMS

Based on 2020 statistics, here are the top 10GRAMSUS baby names: 1.Gianna.Oitalian girl namederives from Giovanna and the modern Greek variant of Ioanna, Gianna. Topped the US list of girl names beginning with the letterGRAMSin 2020. An alternate variant, Giana, is also among the most popular names in the United States. two.Gracia.This sophisticated and popular female name comes from the Latin wordgratiaand was one of the names of the virtues used by the Puritans in the 17th century. He became a very popular name in the English-speaking world with actress Grace Kelly and the American sitcom.will and graceadded to its popularity. 3.gabriela.If you want your child to be angelic, you can name her Gabriella, the feminine form of the name Gabriel, one of the Archangels. it's a classic andpopular girl name, which can also be written as Gabriela or even Gabrielle. 4.Genoveva.This romantic name is the anglicized form of the medieval name Genovefa, which may have Germanic or Celtic roots. Saint Genevieve was the patron saint of Paris, so she is popular in France and might be a good choice for you if you are a Francophile. 5.Georgia.This timeless name is the feminine form of George, but it is famous as the name of the US state of Georgia, the country of Georgia in the Caucasus region, and the American painter Georgia O'Keefe. The name itself derives from the word "land" or "worker of the land" and was popularized by St. George. 6.Bud.This elegant name for girls means "precious stone" and has its roots in medieval Italy. 7.Gracia.This is a cute, shortened version of the name Grace and another popular name in the United States. 8thGracelyn.If you like the name Grace and its meaning, but want something a little more extravagant for your special girl, then Gracelynn or Gracelyn might just be the right name for your daughter. 9.Family.This cute derivative of the popular name Gianna has a youthful and playful feel. It comes from Italian and is a bit more unusual than Gianna. 10Gisele.This is a classic name with its roots in the Germanic wordgizal, meaning "hostage" or "pawn". it became popularfrench girl namein the Middle Ages and became popular in English-speaking countries after Adolphe Adam's balletgisele, and most recently with Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen.


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Original girl names that start withGRAMS

If you are looking for aunique name for girlsBegin withGRAMS, then you might like this selection of names from Old Irish and Norse to names from medieval legends and fantasy literature for something a little different.

11Grain.This name comes from the Old Irish word for 'grain' and also has its roots in Irish legend with the story of the 'chasing of Diarmaid and Grainne'. So if you are looking for a unique Irish name, this is a great option. 12Griselda.Although this unique female name may have come from the German worddegree, which means grey, andaid"Fight" is more popular in English or Spanish speaking countries. And if you're a fan of medieval literature, Griselda is an excellent choice, as she's appeared in not one, but two medieval classics.Days DecameronmiThe Canterbury Stories. 13Gudrun.A unique name that comes from the Old Norse word meaning "secret love of God," Gudrun is also a name that appears in Norse mythology. 14Gliona.This rare Irish name is sure to make your girl look unique. The name comes from the Greek name Cleone, daughter of a river god. fifteenGreenlee.This name means "clearing in the woods" in Old English and used to be a surname until it was used as an unusual name for girls. sixteenGala.This comes from the short form of Galina. This Russian name has its roots in Greek and comes from the Greek wordCrazy, which means "calm". This was also the name of the wife of the artist Salvador Dalí. 17Gertrudis.The name Gertrude has German roots and is made up of the words meaning "spear" and "strength". She is a popular name in the Netherlands and Belgium before crossing the English Channel to England. It is perhaps most famous for Shakespeare.see, where Gertrude is the mother of the main character. The 20th century American writer Gertrude Stein is another famous figure with this unique name. 18Galadriel.This popular literary name comes from J.R.R. Tolkien'sLord of the Rings. It means "girl crowned with a radiant garland" in the fictional Elvish language Sindarin and is particularly popular as a girl's name among fantasy-loving parents. 19Guadalupe.A classic Spanish name, Guadalupe is the title of the Virgin Mary for Spanish speakers, mainly in Mexico. It is also the site of a famous Spanish monastery, the Real Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, which takes its name from the Arabic wordChannel, meaning "river" and the Latin word for "wolf"Lupus. Today, Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of America. twentyGreece.Derived from medieval English, some believe this name comes from the Old French worddegreemeans "grey", but some also associate it with the Latin word for "grace". twenty-oneGaia.for something evocativeGreek mythology, the name Gaia comes from the Greek word for "earth". Gaia was the mother goddess who ruled the earth, giving her a majestic and unusual name.

Most unique female names beginning withGRAMS

It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a baby name. While it can be fun to play with ideas, it's important to choose the right name for your little girl. Watch this video to learn some fun facts that can help you find the perfect baby name!

Pretty girl names that start withGRAMS

Whether you're looking for an Italian name that jumps off the tongue or one that has a beautiful meaning, we've rounded up some cute names for girls that begin withGRAMSto inspire you 32Gilberto.This beautiful name is the Italian feminine form of Gilbert, which means 'bright promise'.33.Ginebra.A famous Arthurian romantic name, Guinevere is the Norman French name based on the Celtic name Gwenhwyfar, meaning "white ghost." It is a beautiful name that is captured in mythology, art, literature, and more. 3. 4julioIt evokes Shakespeare's beautiful romance.Romeo and Juliet, Giulietta is an Italian form of the name and is short for the name Giulia and comes from the Latin name Julius, meaning "young woman". 35ginaA cute and fun name that is the short form of names like Georgina, Regina or Luigina. Regardless, it is a beautiful name of Italian origin, reminiscent of glamorous Italian beauties like Gina Lollobrigida. 36Georgette.If you are looking for a cute French name for your daughter, start withGRAMS, Georgette is a beautiful and charming name.37.Gwyneth.This beautiful Welsh name is a variant of Gwynedd, which actually has its roots in Old Irish, which can mean "Irish". It is a unique and beautiful name with a lot of history. Of course, many also know this name after the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. 38To install Gayatri.If you're looking for a beautiful Indian name with a musical connection, Gayatri, which comes from the Sanskrit word for a specific type of music, might be the right choice. It is also the name of a Hindu goddess. 39Gamil.A beautiful Egyptian name, literally, as it comes from the wordjamil, which means "beautiful" in Arabic. Gamila is also a variant of the name Jamila. 40Giada.If your little girl is a gem, you can name her Giada, which means "jade" in Italian. American celebrity chef (and granddaughter of Italian filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis), Giada De Laurentiis, also shares that beautiful name. elegantspanish girl namecomes fromGracia, the Spanish word for "grace".

Pretty girl names that start withGRAMS

Unisex female names beginning withGRAMS

If you want to find a goodgender neutral namewhich starts with aGRAMS, we have put together a list to help you find a good name.

52.Georgie.This is a cute diminutive of the name Georgia or Georgina, but it could also be an abbreviation forboys namesJorge. 53.Gerry.A unisex shortened version of the name Gerald or Geraldine. 54gabiGabby is a unisex name that is short for Gabriel or Gabriella, which makes it a cute name for a girl (or boy). You can also play around with different spellings like Gabi, Gabbie, or Gaby. 55Granada.Garnet, meaning "red semi-precious stone," is a great name that applies to both boys and girls. if your little one isfor being bornIn January, garnet is an excellent name choice, as it is also the birthstone for that month. It also used to be an English surname, referring to someone who made hinges. 56Gayle.A unique spelling of the name Gail, an English name that can be used for both a boy and a girl. 57Grau.You may want to choose this sophisticated, gender-neutral name, derived from the English surname originally given to someone with gray hair or clothing (perhaps your girl has beautiful gray eyes). 58Rosa.This beautiful unisex name comes from the Urdu and Pashto words for "flower" and "rose" but originally has Persian roots. 59Gwynedd.This Welsh name for boys and girls may have roots in the Old Irish wordFeni, which means "Irish".60.Greer.Meaning: An unusual unisex name that comes from a Scottish surname that has roots in the name Gregor.

61.How to install Gohar.This name comes from the Persian wordGohar, meaning "jewel" or "precious stone". It is a female name in Armenia but is used for boys in Pakistan, making it a unique unisex name.

Unisex female names beginning withGRAMS

Biblical and Hebrew female names beginning withGRAMS

If you're looking for a Biblical name, or even a Hebrew name, check out this list of Hebrew names andbiblical names. 72.Gomer.this name ofhigh testamentused for boys and girls. It means "complete" in Hebrew and was used by both Noah's grandson and Hosea's wife in the Bible. 73Gethsemane.This biblical name for girls comes from the name of the garden where Jesus was imprisoned on the Mount of Olives. The name is the Greek form of the Aramaic word meaning "oil vat."74.Genesis.The wordGenesismeans "birth" or "origin" in Greek, but it is also the name of the first book of thehigh testament, which contains famous Bible stories like Adam and Eve and Noah and the Flood.75.Galilee.Although Galilea is the feminine form of Galileo, it is also the name for Galilee in many languages. Galilee is a region of Palestine that appears in the Bible. 76Loco.This Hebrew name is the feminine form of Gil, which means 'joy' or 'happiness'.77.Chica.This name means "wave" in Hebrew and became popular thanks toWonder WomanActress Gal Gadot. 78Gili.This Hebrew name, which can be used by both boys and girls, means 'my joy'.79.the edges.Meaning 'vine', this beautiful Hebrew girl name is also another unisex name. 80Gavriella.This Hebrew name is the feminine form of Gavriel, which means "God is my strong man" in Hebrew. The Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God in the Old Testament.81.Gerschona.The feminine form of Gershom, who was one of the sons of Levi.high testament. The name means "foreigner" or "exodus".

Cute girl names that start withGRAMS

Looking for a cute name for girls? You might want to find something like aflower name for girls, but if you are looking for cute and cute names for girls withGRAMSthen look no further.

82.Gigi.This cute diminutive of the name Georgine or Virginie is a cute name that comes from France and can go well with a cute and playful girl.83.Clay.You can't go wrong with this diminutive of the name Gillian for something pretty and sweet. 84Redhead.Sugar, spice and all things pretty, the name Ginger is a cute name for a redheaded girl, or if you are looking for an adorable name for your little girl85.ginaif you are oneharry potterFan or just like this shortened version of Virginia, Ginny is a lovely name overall. 86ginniferIf you are looking for a fun alternative to the name Jennifer, Ginnifer is a cute and sweet name for your daughter. 87Gretel.We all know the story ofJuan and Maria, so if you're looking for a cute name with roots in German fairy tales, Gretel is a great name for you.88.Drink.This cute name is the shortened version of Gertrude, which has origins in German, Dutch, and English.89.Nutrition.For a cute name of Hungarian origin, Gizi comes from the name Gizella, the Hungarian equivalent of Giselle.90.Goldi.If your girl has golden hair or is as precious as gold in her life, then this cute name might be suitable for your sweet girl 91.Glinda.Glinda could be the name of a witch inThe Wizard of Oz, but she is a good witch! If her son has a spark of good magic inside of him, she may want to give him a cute and magical name appropriately.

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The most beautiful girl names that begin withGRAMS

the end turned out

If you're still looking for more inspiration for your daughter's name, there are a few you should check out.Girl name beginning with Hof unohawaiian girl nameWhen trying to find the perfect name, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for your child's arrival. If your due date is approaching, you may want to pack yourhospital bagand downloadPampers Club app.


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